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Disability, Employment, Discrimination

Disability, Employment, Discrimination

Nic Steenhout

April 07, 2013

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  1. Disability, Employment, Discrimination Equity and Diversity in the Workplace 7

    April 2013
  2. Types of Disability Visual Impairments (Blind & Low Vision) Hearing

    Impairments (Deaf & Hard of Hearing) Physical Impairments (Paralysis, Arthritis, etc) Cognitive Impairments (Dyslexia, ADHD) Neurological Impairments (Epilepsy) Mental Illnesses (Depression, Bipolar, etc)
  3. Definition of Disability A condition that limits one or more

    activities of daily living such as walking, hearing, seeing, eating, etc Also – having a history of such, or being perceived as having such
  4. Reasonable Accommodations Allows an individual with a disability to conduct

    the primary function of a job despite the disability Deviation in policy or practice Building modification Assistive technology 70% of accommodation cost nothing
  5. Discrimination in Employment Refused a job interview because of their

    disability Refused a job because of their disability Refused a job promotion because of their disability Given less responsibility than co-workers Denied workplace accommodation Paid less than other workers in similar jobs with similar skills Denied other work-related benefits Poor choice of language
  6. Language Language has power – No PC for PC’s sake

    People first Chill take a pill Must be off her meds Wheelchair bound Deaf & Dumb
  7. Inclusive Practices Ensure all activities are inclusive After work drinks

    held at non-accessible venue Team building exercises Team meeting – raise hand to grab attention