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Code is Only Slightly Relevant

Code is Only Slightly Relevant

Lightning talk at OSCD 2008 about all the non-programming aspects of a software project, and how they are as important as code.

Nic Steenhout

December 07, 2008

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  1. Code is only slightly relevant Lightning talk OSDC 2008

  2. Nic Steenhout - [email protected] What is OS developer?  Mind

    reader  Documenter  Fundraiser  Marketer  Insomniac  May just happen to have a life too!  Programmers just wanna code
  3. Nic Steenhout - [email protected] OS relies on many aspects 

    PR / Marketing  If a tree falls in the wood and no one is there to hear, does it make a noise?  Documentation  How do users know how to use the app?  Who’s gonna write it?  Users  Meeting users needs if not all users feedback
  4. Nic Steenhout - [email protected] No code, vibrant project No real

    development for 6 months + Users blogging + Users active on forums + Community built momentum ---------------------------------------- = Very well known project, while no code built
  5. Nic Steenhout - [email protected] It’s not a bug – it’s

    a feature  It’s not a security hole, your server is badly setup!!!  Most important users:  Those reporting bugs  Those who think they found a bug  Way devs think software will be used not the way software used in the wild
  6. Nic Steenhout - [email protected] Listen to users!  Go to

    restaurant  Order steak  Arrives charcoaled instead of medium-rare  Complain, but staff just shrugs  Tell 10 people  Never go back  Imagine that happening to your project!
  7. Nic Steenhout - [email protected] User responsibility  They want it,

    they want it all, and they want it yesterday  FOSS a product like any other – even if free, there is user expectation (rights?¿?)  No rights without responsibility  Dev’s responsibility – listen, don’t dismiss  You never know who you are talking with  Vicious circle / Catch-22 / Chicken vs. Egg
  8. Nic Steenhout - [email protected] Feedback != negative criticism  Wanting

    people to blog about application, good *and* bad  If you don’t know it’s broken, you can’t fix it  Users encouraged to feedback often bring solutions at the same time
  9. Thank you!