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Why Web Accessibility

Why Web Accessibility

Webinar for SiteImprove

Nic Steenhout

April 16, 2013

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  1. Why Web Accessibility? Siteimprove webinar 16 April 2013

  2. 3 Main Reasons Commercial reasons It might be the law

    It’s the right thing to do
  3. Commercial Reasons Increased market share No metrics to track visitors

    with disabilities 20% of people have disabilities (1 in 5) Word of mouth – families and friends Improved public image > 50% of hotel & restaurant websites are not accessible ~ 14% increased business after access renovations. Extrapolation.
  4. Not Just for People with Disabilities Increased accessibility often leads

    to increased usability Non-native English speakers Elderly Search engines – Google largest screenreader user
  5. Legal Environment United Nations – Conventions on the Rights for

    Persons with Disabilities United States – Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504, Section 508 Canada – Human Rights Act, Govt On-Line New Zealand – Human Rights Act, e-Govt Australia – Disability Discrimination Act United Kingdom – Disability Discrimination Act, Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Act
  6. Case Law & Jurisdiction International context – which law has

    jurisdiction? Sydney Olympics – Ordered to have site accessible. Failed. Damages ($20K) Target (settled) – Improve access, training, damages ($6K/claimant), etc Disney (settled) – Website, parks Netflix – Online providers are subject to federal law. All videos to be captioned.
  7. The Right Thing To Do Businesses and organizations have social

    and ethical responsibilities Reducing barriers is the ethical thing to do
  8. Follow-up Follow-up questions welcome http://accessibility.net.nz [email protected] Twitter: @vavroom