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The technical stack of Viadeo on your workstation with Docker

April 10, 2015

The technical stack of Viadeo on your workstation with Docker

Quickie during Devoxx 2015

by Nicolas Colomer @n_colomer and Quentin Suire


April 10, 2015

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  1. @n_colomer @Kuhess #ViadeoDocker The technical stack of Viadeo on your

    workstation with Docker Nicolas Colomer @n_colomer Quentin Suire @Kuhess
  2. @YourTwitterHandle @YourTwitterHandle @n_colomer @Kuhess #ViadeoDocker Problematic

  3. @n_colomer @Kuhess #ViadeoDocker Meet Viadeo’s architecture :) network-graph MySQL platform

    memcached HBase elasticsearc h 0.20.6 RabbitMQ consult- profile legacy middle-end (web) graph-api JS client middle-end (mobile) mobile apps elasticsearc h 1.1.2 Spark jobs (over Mesos) Hadoop thumbor AWS + SAAS BACK FRONT BATCH DBs CLOUD
  4. @n_colomer @Kuhess #ViadeoDocker Some context • Full-stack developments • The

    stone age • Then comes the crap • Sweep the past away
  5. @n_colomer @Kuhess #ViadeoDocker Docker to the rescue! 1 backend =

    1 container (+ initialization scripts) system & service configuration + initial state
  6. @YourTwitterHandle @YourTwitterHandle @n_colomer @Kuhess #ViadeoDocker Containerization

  7. @n_colomer @Kuhess #ViadeoDocker What is containerization? Back end Service Deps/conf

  8. @n_colomer @Kuhess #ViadeoDocker Example with MySQL Application MySQL port

  9. @n_colomer @Kuhess #ViadeoDocker MySQL Dockerfile

  10. @YourTwitterHandle @YourTwitterHandle @n_colomer @Kuhess #ViadeoDocker Demo

  11. @YourTwitterHandle @YourTwitterHandle @n_colomer @Kuhess #ViadeoDocker Take away

  12. @n_colomer @Kuhess #ViadeoDocker Where we are • ISO and multi-OS

    environments • apps can easily bind together • peaceful integration with our CI (CircleCI) • container fast startup reduces build time • we can pop trashable containers
  13. @n_colomer @Kuhess #ViadeoDocker Where we go • auto-populate our containers

    with data • our homemade containers are dev-friendly • deploy Docker containers up to the prod? • containerize all backends/applications? • dockerization of SaaS dependencies?
  14. @YourTwitterHandle @YourTwitterHandle @n_colomer @Kuhess #ViadeoDocker Q&A