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Codelab on Kotlin Coroutines

Codelab on Kotlin Coroutines

Basic intro slides on conducting a codelab on Kotlin Coroutines at GDG DevFest 2019 by GDG Kolachi at IBA Karachi

Wajahat Karim

November 23, 2019

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  1. Wajahat Karim GDG DevFest Karachi - IBA Karachi Using Kotlin

    Coroutines in Your Android Apps
  2. 2 I am Wajahat Karim And I work at Contour

    Software. Hey There! Coding 8+ Years Experienced Android Developer Writing Authored 2 Worldwide Published Books Passion Open Source Contributor (many Android libraries) Community AndroidPub, FlutterPub, Articles, and Talks
  3. Open Source = Github Profile: github.com/wajahtkarim3

  4. What are Kotlin Coroutines? old new and clean way to

    do asynchronous programming
  5. • Light-weight threads • No callback-hell • Stackless - no

    mapping on main thread • No context switching on processor • Easier multitasking & managed by developer
  6. Time to code!

  7. https://wajahatkarim.com wajahatkarim3@gmail.com github.com/wajahatkarim3 @WajahatKarim medium.com/@wajahatkarim3 Any Questions?