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Ecommerce SEO in 2023

Ecommerce SEO in 2023

Wayne Barker

December 21, 2022

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  1. Looking Backward “The normal response to the looking backward scenario

    – where we have no idea what to do – is to start thinking about what might happen, using the language we have learned to imagine the possibilities playing out. This response is drawn from past experiences we have already made some sense of by putting them into words.”
  2. Looking Forward “The normal response to the looking forward scenario

    – not knowing which path, from several, to take – is to imagine where each choice of action will lead us. This is a more pro-active stance, made more complicated the more choices there are.”
  3. The Present “The present is entirely ephemeral if we immediately

    act to change our position in the world, but if we don’t for one reason or another, we learn either to look to the past or towards the future to inform our actions.”
  4. Panda: 2011 – 2021 • 28 known updates • Was

    the first big step to assessing content quality • Wasn’t about word count or UGC • Content farms were hit • Nothing to do with duplicate content • First time (I think) human aggregation used • Now completely embedded in the main algorithm
  5. Penguin: 2012 – 2016 • Maybe 10 iterations • Targeted

    poor quality links • Specifically link schemes • Cos more links = more rankings • Only looked at incoming links not outgoing • Could be part of a site, not necessarily all • Is now baked into the algorithm
  6. Core Updates: 2018? – Forever • Larger scale broad changes

    to the algorithm • Often cause a lot of shifting around in the search results • Centred around the content of the quality • We have seen time and time again that UX and site design is important • It comes down to offering value • Google likens it to TV show recommendations, they don’t stay static - what you suggest this year might be different the next
  7. Helpful Content Update – September 2022 • A sitewide signal

    targeting sites that have a high % unsatisfying content • Goes after AI generated content • Google wants to show “people first content not search engine first content” • It didn’t have much of an impact but the classifiers have been laid
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  9. “People only listen to experts because it saves them having

    to take responsibility when things go wrong.”