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Steal Like An Artist: The Quentin Tarantino Remix

Steal Like An Artist: The Quentin Tarantino Remix

Nothing is ever truly original. Nothing.

No matter what you are working on it is always a mash up of what has come before.

This is never truer than when you are working on creative endeavours.

As digital marketers we now have to be more creative than ever.

A few years back processes ruled in SEO. Nail processes, scale that bad boy up and off you go. Success could be yours.

Problem is, things change.

Google clamped down. They made examples of people, of businesses. Collateral damage happened. That actually started to enforce what they said they would all along. They just forgot to clamp down for a decade. That stuff worked (still does in some places nudge nudge wink wink).

Collateral damage wasn’t the only by-product of the clamp down. The content marketing deluge happened. The web went from being full of hardly comprehensible spun shit to being full of hardly comprehensible human written shit (who had heard someone tell them that having a blog WAS content marketing).

Before you had to be the one with the most to win.

Now you have to stand out to win (and maybe a bit of having the most).

Wayne Barker

May 29, 2022

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  10. But Tristan Tzara (poet) had done something similar before… …And

    Caleb Whitefoord (political satirist) had done something similar before… …And you can see how this works.
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  20. ‘The worst time to look for an idea is when

    you need one’ John Webster Creative Director, Boase Massimi Pollitt
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