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01219112 Intro to IT - Group 6: Cloud Computing

01219112 Intro to IT - Group 6: Cloud Computing


Manatsawin Hanmongkolchai

October 09, 2013


  1. Cloud computing Group 6 01219112 Introduction to Information Technology

  2. What is cloud Cloud is a buzzword[1] meaning service that

    run by virtual machines and could be scaled up or down on the fly Amazon played a key role in the development of Cloud computing, starting with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2006 [1] http://dfflanders.wordpress.com/2008/10/16/cloud-buzzword-glossary/ Ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloud_computing#Since_2000
  3. Utility computing In utility computing, computation resources such as computation,

    storages are treated like public utilities. They are metered and billed by usage. Amazon EC2 Cluster GPU Quadruple Extra Large 22 GiB memory, 33.5 EC2 Compute Units, 2 x NVIDIA Tesla “Fermi” M2050 GPUs, 1690 GB of local instance storage, 64-bit platform, 10 Gigabit Ethernet
  4. Infrastructure as a Service IaaS offer computing resources on-demand to

    users who setup their own application as needed. Virtual machines could be scaled up or down by customer’s demand.
  5. Example of IaaS Amazon EC2 Google Compute Engine $0.02/hr. ~2GHz

    w/ 613MB memory $0.007/hr. 1 Core w/512MB memory, 20GB SSD $0.132/hr. 1 Core w/ 3.75GB memory, 420GB Disk $20/mo. 8 Core w/1GB memory, 48GB storage
  6. Pros & Cons of IaaS Pros No hardware maintenance Low

    upfront Scale any time Cons Expensive Performance could be lower Less secure
  7. Platform as a Service Preconfigured system that allow rapid application

    deployment. Usually also come with database as a service. Automatically (or one click) scaling
  8. Example of PaaS PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, JavaScript $0.05/machine-hr, $9/mo.

    database one free machine and 10k rows database PHP, .NET, Node.js $0.10/machine-hr, $4.995/mo. database Free one month trial and $200 credit PHP, Java, Python, Go $0.08/machine-hr, $0.18/GB/mo storage 28 free instance hr/day with 1GB storage PHP, Java, .NET, Ruby, Python Pricing per Amazon EC2 price Free one year trial Amazon Elastic Beanstalk Google App Engine
  9. Pros & Cons of PaaS Pros Rapid deployment Automatic or

    fast scaling Free tier Next to none configuration and maintenance Cons No OS access Read only disk Expensive
  10. Software as a Service SaaS is a software delivery model

    which the software and data are hosted by the provider on the cloud. Usually accessed by a web browser. Not sold, but a subscription fee.
  11. Example of SaaS

  12. Pros & Cons of SaaS Pros No upgrade cost Low

    upfront cost Data resilience Could be accessed everywhere Cons Monthly cost Can’t migrate easily Low secret Lesser performance than local solution
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