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Andrey Korotkov, Zillion Whales

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November 08, 2017

Andrey Korotkov, Zillion Whales

Esports & Indie Games According to Mushroom Wars 2 Experience

(White Nights Conference Moscow 2017)
The official conference website — http://wnconf.com



November 08, 2017


  1. None
  2. Multiplayer is great! But eSports is even better! 0 20

    40 60 80 Single-player Multiplayer MW2 Life Time on mobile
  3. eSports criterias we followed Fair competitive multiplayer Easy to learn

    and hard to master Layers of gameplay Spectacular to watch Engaging for non-playing viewer
  4. eSports opportunities Viral boom and sales boom Selling tons of

    additional content like skins Earning on user generated content Off-line merchandise and other side income
  5. If eSports than ESL Founded in 1997 3.5M athletes 800K

    teams 10K daily matches PC, PS4 & Mobile *wikipedia.org
  6. Welcome to Real World!

  7. Indies in eSports *play.eslgaming.com AAA 77% Indie 13% Mobile 10%

    60+ games
  8. Community Cups

  9. Multiplayer challenges Get critical mass of players 150 CCU; 5K

    DAU; 50K IB; Good retention is crucial R1 = 42%; R7 = 15%; R14 = 8%; R27 = 5%; Stable real-time PvP experience Fair matchmaking with ladder
  10. Business & Marketing challenges Right F2P model for eSports kinda

    game Dealing with wrong organic audience Positioning game as eSports without saying “eSports” Constant community engagement
  11. Our experience Game got global Apple featuring 1M+ players Attention

    of ESL Hybrid monetization model ±70% Casual freemium single-player with 2.35% paywall conversion rate ±30% Midcore fair multiplayer with subscriptions
  12. None
  13. Our fallacies Pay2Win will kill eSports No if top players

    could still have fair play ESL could generate traffic No just reengage and entertain existing players eSports is interesting for mobile players Not for 99,98% of players but only 0.02%
  14. Our hints Cross-platform multiplayer is handy Kinda eSports drives player

    involvement Not only ESL (check opnoobs.com) Better be competitive multiplayer than trying to be an eSport. Players will do the rest.
  15. Andrey Korotkov producer at Questions?