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Ivan Voznyak, Mail.Ru Group

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November 08, 2017

Ivan Voznyak, Mail.Ru Group

What Is an Esports Title?

(White Nights Conference Moscow 2017)
The official conference website — http://wnconf.com



November 08, 2017


  1. GAME AS AN ESPORT TITLE Ivan Voznyak @mail.ru group

  2. Esports in numbers @mail.ru group $696 mln 2017 esports economy*

    * Newzoo 385 mln 2017 viewers worldwide* Worldwide: + 41,3% a year-on-year growth * 191 mln enthusiasts *
  3. Esports in numbers @mail.ru group * PwC Russia $4 mln

    2016 revenue* 33,2% growth rates* 45,6 mln watched the Kiev Major in
  4. To make it work as an industry: Teams Organizers Broadcasters

    Publishers Talents \ Ad -agencies Infrastructure Betting / Fantasy Media @mail.ru group Key elements of the market
  5. Rules for the esport game Fair and equal conditions for

    players Organizing a custom match Watch other gamers playing + + but there are tons of details Game as a esports discipline @mail.ru group
  6. • Ladders and ratings (up to professional leagues) • Practice

    rooms • Replays • Director mode • Automatic highlights • APIs (for stats, streams, drops, markets, etc) • Customize everything (from skins to maps) • Be able to share your profit with best players @mail.ru group Rules for the esport game
  7. • Provide gamers with esports-oriented content • Give them tools

    to play custom matches, spectate games, stream a game, get analytics, watch replays (do movies), create highlights, etc. • Perfectly, if you do tournaments system in your game, at least being able to call tournaments from the game, and get information what is going, including watching streams • Find new ways of monetization • Think about balance more wisely @mail.ru group As a developer you have to
  8. • Pro players and streamers are celebrities • Tournaments: someone

    has to manage it • Around 80% of your gamer base know nothing about your tournaments, they play the game they like • Gamers tend to pay for extra content. This revenue is shared among pro teams, or is used as a part of a prize fund @mail.ru group @mail.ru group As a publisher you deal with
  9. You have extra channels to monetize your product: • Sponsorships

    of tournaments and teams • Licensed rights • Merchandise • Esport Items (with market place) • Fantasy leagues • Other tricky ways, like betting @mail.ru group As a publisher you deal with
  10. GL & HF Thank you