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Models, Maps, Measures and Mysteries

Chris Young
November 01, 2013

Models, Maps, Measures and Mysteries

Chris Young

November 01, 2013

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  1. "There  wasn't  any  point  puAng  things   in  the  backlog

     as  you  had  no  idea   when  they  would  actually  get  done.       Now  we  have  a  predictable  idea  of   how  long  things  take  to  do  and  when   they  will  be  delivered"       –  Simon  George,  Deputy  Head  of   OperaOons,  Base79  
  2. “Peter  Senge…believes   that  the  ability  of  an   organizaOon

     to   understand  what  it  does   as  a  holisOc  system  is   the  first  step  to   becoming  a  learning   organisaOon   A  learning  organisaOon   is  one  that  constently   improves  it   compeOveness  because   it  understands  what  it   does  and  how  it   actually  does  it.”  
  3. Done   In   Customer     Approval   Week

     1  Week  2  Week  3  Week  4  Week  5  Week  6  Week  7  Week  8   Week  9  Week  10