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#BBC18: Crafting an Interview Worth Writing About

#BBC18: Crafting an Interview Worth Writing About

#BBC18 Lightning Talk presented by Kirk Richardson of www.craftbeercountry.pub @CraftBeerCountry


Zephyr Conferences

August 11, 2018


  1. Crafting an Interview Worth Writing About

  2. It’s my turn to ask you a few questions •

    How many of you consider yourselves pretty damn good when it comes to conducting interviews? • Can we meet for a beer after my presentation? I’d like to pick up a few tips and maybe a free pint. • Even though I’ve interviewed thousands of people during my 35-year career as a writer, I’ve learned that you can teach an old dog new tricks.
  3. The end result of 70 more interviews:

  4. First, find a newsworthy source.

  5. Prepare like a pro. Photo credit: Propolis

  6. Look for a sense of place. Photo credit: The Lost

  7. To remove tension, just hang loose.

  8. Don’t rush… dig deep for gold.

  9. Engage in the art of conversation.

  10. But resist the urge to interrupt. Photo credit: Olga Zwart

  11. Observe moments of silence.

  12. Elicit answers when information needs to bubble to the surface.

  13. Recognize body language.

  14. When an interview goes south, take a break; then hit

  15. Make a list of questions, but don’t be afraid to

    wander off the beaten path.
  16. Close with: Is there anything else?

  17. Interviews can be challenging, but it’s not rocket science.

  18. But… be sure to check your recorder often and do

    pack back-up batteries.
  19. Cheers, prost, salud, skål, but most importantly remember to say

  20. None