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Telephony In Rails

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August 14, 2010

Telephony In Rails

A talk on OpenVoice, open-source telephony, at LoneStar Ruby Conference.



August 14, 2010


  1. OPENVOICE @LSRC Zhao Lu, @zlu

  2. GOOGLE VOICE Motivations for OpenVoice • Great consumer product for

    US market, almost free and low cost international calls • Close-source • Limited APIs • Poor SIP support - Gizmo only • Does not support Skype • Only available in US • Where does my data go?
  3. HISTORY • 02/2010: Created OpenVoice, a Rails app • 05/2010:

    @chrismatthieu etc. ported it to google appengine • 05/2010: @voxeo demo'ed it at google I/o sandbox • 06/2010: Announced @AMOOCON in Rostock, Germany • 08/2010: Announcing initial support for user provision and freeSWITCH @lsrc
  4. OPENVOICE IS EASY • Sign up and get an OpenVoice

    number • Add your cell, home phones, etc. • That's it
  5. VOICE ON THE WEB • Messaging: view, send, receive SMS

    and IM • Call: view inbound and outbound call log, place outbound calls • Voicemail: view voicemail transcription and playback • Phone numbers: register multiple phone numbers to follow, set forwarding numbers, set default number • profiles for provisioning • Setting: server URL
  6. OPENVOICE IS MOBILE ANDROID CLIENT • Addressbook integration • Inbound

    and outbound calls • Messaging • Voicemail transcription, playback • Sever configuration
  7. OPENVOICE IS MULTI- CHANNEL • OV user is reachable via

    Skype, SIP, IM, SMS, and voice
  8. Tropo OpenVoice Incoming call Caller ID Ov number Call session

    Locate user Call forwarding Screen caller Answer Reject Listen-in
  9. MAKING OPENVOICE OPEN • Tropo-awesomeness comes with a price (development

    v.s. production) • Skype/sip clients, easy and free testing • Flip the switch to free, as in freeSWITCH Explain
  10. OPENVOICE PROFILE • Profile contains provisioning information from specific backend

    such as Tropo and freeswitch
  11. Freeswitch Tropo OpenVoice Tropo profile Locate user Freeswitch profile mod_skypeopen

    mod_gsm Incoming call
  12. CLIENT APIS • User creation • User authentication • Message

    creation and retrieval (sending SMS) • Outbound call creation • Call records management • Voicemail management
  13. THE FUTURE Short-list • Full support for FreeSwitch • iPhone

    and Meego clients • Conferencing
  14. MORE INFORMATION • Code: http://github.com/openvoice (rails, gae, android) • Blog:

    http://blog.myopenvoice.org/?p=93 • Tropo blog: http://blog.tropo.com/2010/05/19/introducing- openvoice-your-number-open-source/ • Sf telephony: http://meetup.com/sftelephony
  15. DEMO