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Platform Ecosystems: Designing for Potential - SDGC 2017

Ron Kersic
November 03, 2017

Platform Ecosystems: Designing for Potential - SDGC 2017

The internet now is more than a mere distribution channel. It acts as an infrastructure for creation and coordination. In this environment, customer contribution and co-creation bring enormous value to companies that utilise them (viz. the tech giants). Most of today’s service design practices stick to their industrial value chain origins: brands provide and customers consume. However, participants in platform ecosystems are active shapers of the business value proposition that is, essentially, co-created. This requires a rethink towards designing in terms of shaping potential and opportunities. The resulting design practice, with a concept of service close to that of Service-Dominant Logic, will open up new ways of interacting with, learning from, and catering to the needs of people.

Ron Kersic

November 03, 2017

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  1. Service design aims to ensure service interfaces are useful, usable

    and desirable 
 from the client’s point of view and effective, efficient and distinctive 
 from the supplier’s point of view. BIRGIT MAGER, 2009 C CONSUMER B BUSINESS
  2. Service design is a holistic way for a business to

    gain a comprehensive, empathic understanding of customers needs. FRONTIERS SERVICE DESIGN, 2010 C CONSUMER B BUSINESS
  3. Service design is all about making the service you deliver

    useful, usable, efficient, effective and desirable. UK DESIGN COUNCIL, 2010 C CONSUMER B BUSINESS
  4. N P E NARRATIVE the Profound, Authentic and Sustainable behaviour

    of your users on which they build their experiences. PRIMITIVE the core, simple, and self- sufficient means for users to be able to express themselves within the narrative. ENABLERS the Primitives’ complement to enhance, strengthen and amplify the users’ expression within the narrative.