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ML Session n°6

ML Session n°6


Adrien Couque

May 16, 2017


  1. ML: recurrent neural networks April 2017

  2. Recap

  3. Dropout

  4. Fully connected vs Convolution

  5. “Deep” layers

  6. Convolutional architecture

  7. Convolutional network -> fully connected

  8. Sliding window with different scales

  9. Transforming a panda into a vulture

  10. RNN

  11. Limits of DNN/CNN - can only handle fixed-size inputs -

    unable to handle temporal data - no memory
  12. New brick

  13. Unrolling an RNN

  14. Predicting the next letter

  15. Example: translation

  16. Example: speech-to-text

  17. Multiple layers

  18. Different architectures

  19. Training RNN: Backpropagation through time

  20. Problem: long term dependencies

  21. Problem: long term dependencies

  22. LSTM

  23. Inside a standard RNN cell

  24. Inside an LSTM cell

  25. Decomposition: cell inner state

  26. Forget gate

  27. Update gate

  28. Updating the state

  29. Calculating an output

  30. GRU

  31. GRU (Gated Recurrent Unit)

  32. Demo !

  33. Example : Wikipedia Naturalism and decision for the majority of

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  34. Example : LATEX

  35. Word2Vec

  36. Word embedding?

  37. Word2Vec

  38. Implementing word2vec

  39. Implementing word2vec

  40. Yelp dataset

  41. Yelp dataset

  42. Next Unsupervised Learning Reinforcement Learning April 2017