Cross-context user journeys - Geekmeet Stockholm

Cross-context user journeys - Geekmeet Stockholm

In this talk I'll explore the problem of cross-context user
journeys. These are user journeys which cross devices (imagine
starting your shopping list on your home machine and finishing it on
your work computer), contexts (for example desktop to mobile or app to
web site) and platforms (a user with an Android phone and an iPad).
I'll show you how:
- embedded webviews are becoming the world's most popular browsers
- what happens when you don't test your site in new contexts (such as
inside apps like Google+,GMail, Facebook and Twitter)
- the limits of responsive design
- how to cross contexts using technologies like x-callback-url, deep
links, intents and identity via social login


Ade Oshineye

January 30, 2014