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Types of Open SUNY COTE badges

Types of Open SUNY COTE badges

We are using badges as a framework to recognize, support, cultivate, and incentivize certain behaviors and as a means to leverage the community itself to assist us in scaling activities and initiatives.

We are using Badging for various purposes
for example: …

Membership badges recognize role in the community of online practitioners.
Community engagement badges recognize efforts to share and network within our community of practice.
Competency Development badges acknowledge those who engaged in professional development programs and can provide evidence of their accomplishments and learning.
Social Media badges acknowledge efforts to share knowledge or expertise via social media.
Events badges commemorate participation in OS COTE events.
Participation badges endorse contributions and attendance at community activities and events.
Awards badges recognize community members honored through the OS COTE Effective Practices awards, Exemplary Online Courses, and Online Teaching Ambassadors programs.
Certify and authorize individuals and campuses to train and award badges on our behalf.



Alexandra M. Pickett

August 30, 2017

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