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6 Degrees of AR (by ARCore and Tango examples)

6 Degrees of AR (by ARCore and Tango examples)

Slides for my talk at GDG DevFest South conference. Overview of VIO/SLAM capabilities and principles, ARCore and Tango features, and several promising AR use-cases

Alex Korovyansky

September 09, 2017

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  1. темы доклада Founder of Mobilatorium. Android GDE @AlexKorovyansky @AlexKorovyansky @AlexKorovyansky

    @AlexKorovyansky Alex Korovyansky Having started his professional Android journey in 2010, Alex has worked on different kinds of Android apps, including Social, Entertainment, Forex Trading, Paramedicine, and Internet of Things. In 2015, Alex took part in Trainers of Trainers education initiative in Georgia, where together with other European Android experts he developed and conducted a training course for instructors of the Tbilisi University. Also, Alex has been an expert at Global Android Dev Camp, GDG DevFests, Vpered with Google, Siberian Hackathon, Android StudyJams and plenty of other smaller scale events. Currently Alex is enthusiastically working on a new ambitious project in the community — creative mobile laboratory, where developers can experiments with the very latest mobile technologies and devices (ex. VR/AR, IoT, ML).
  2. темы доклада ARCore • Currently works on Pixel and Samsung

    S8 devices • Requires Android 7.0 (24) or higher • 100M Devices at early 2018 • OpenGL, Unity3D and Unreal Engine as renders
  3. темы доклада How to get profit? • Understand what’s possible

    • Create valuable AR experience • Sell and implement
  4. темы доклада Implement • Read Official Documentation – https://developers.google.com/ar •

    Watch GDD talk about ARCore – https://youtu.be/rFbcOGuDMPk • Ask questions – StackOverflow, G+, @AlexKorovyansky