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Have you done the pair programming session with your users? The amount of insights you get while doing pair programming sessions is enormous. In this talk, Anil will share lessons learned while doing pair programming sessions with the users for developer-focused products/services in his recent role as a Technical Product Manager. Learn why pair programming with users is the best way to identify the developer's pain while using your product/service.

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June 15, 2022

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  1. Image: unsplash @anilbms75 Why pair programming is the best usability

    testing tool for developer focused products? 
 By Anil Kumar
  2. Image: unsplash @anilbms75 “If you want to know what a

    person really values, what they really suffer, what they really do, don’t listen to their words, observe their actions” - Amy Hoy, Sales Safari
  3. @anilbms75 Image: Undraw Quick ways to find the participants? 1.Internal

    Engineers (solution engineers, professional service team, Developer advocates) 2.Invite Community members and new members 3.Recruit participant from the freelance platform
  4. Image: unsplash @anilbms75 “You don't need to have ideas to

    innovate; you need to be a good receiver of ideas.” - Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb