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10 key mistakes the Design Systems team makes and how to avoid them?

10 key mistakes the Design Systems team makes and how to avoid them?



September 29, 2021

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  1. 10 key mistakes the Design Systems team makes and how

    to avoid them? By ANIL KUMAR @anilbms75
  2. None
  3. None
  4. Experience

  5. Contentful Contentful Web app Customers/ Partners Custom app Developer Content

    creators /editors Websites
  6. 1. Documentation Image source: Unsplash

  7. Documentation is not for just you, its for your consumers

  8. None
  9. 2. Getting started Image source: Unsplash

  10. Source: reactjs.org/docs/getting-started.html

  11. Time for value Source: f36.contentful.com/

  12. Source: chakra-ui.com/docs/form/icon-button

  13. Stripe friction logs technique Source: Suz Hinton shoptalkshow.com/409/#t=08:34

  14. Onboarding Image source: Unsplash

  15. Chakra onboarding Source: chakra-ui.com/docs/getting-started

  16. 3. Feedback Image source: Unsplash

  17. GitHub issue is not the only way to receive Feedback

    Image source: Unsplash
  18. Next Js Documentation Feedback Source: nextjs.org/docs

  19. Google Cloud Docs Feedback

  20. 4. Purpose

  21. Source: twitter.com/ashlie/status/1425506038506147840

  22. Source: twitter.com/ashlie/status/1425506038506147840

  23. Source: design.gitlab.com/

  24. 5. Beyond UI Image source: Unsplash

  25. “People don’t want a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch

    hole.” - Theodore Levitt Jobs to be done of your consumer Image source: Unsplash
  26. None
  27. None
  28. 6. Design systems entropy Image source: Unsplash

  29. Single source of truth Image source: thenounproject

  30. 7. Contribution Image source: Unsplash

  31. Consumer VS contributor Image source: Unsplash

  32. Contributions from outside Source: seek-oss.github.io/braid-design-system/guides/contribution/

  33. Ways to contribute Source: mantine.dev/contribute/

  34. Clear steps Source: hds.hel.fi/contributing/before-contributing

  35. Celebrate the contribution Source: github.com/contentful/forma-36

  36. 8. Layout Image source: Unsplash

  37. Commercetools UIKit Source: uikit.commercetools.com/

  38. Braid Design System Layout Source: seek-oss.github.io/braid-design-system/foundations/layout

  39. 9. Information architecture Image source: Unsplash

  40. Helsinki Design System Source: hds.hel.fi

  41. 10. Maintenance Image source: Unsplash

  42. Create new reusable components Image source: Unsplash

  43. Deprecate components Image source: Unsplash

  44. Pair Programming with your consumers Image source: Undraw

  45. Do You Have Any Questions? Image source: thenounproject

  46. Thanks Twitter: @anilbms75 Email: anilbms75@gmail.com Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/anilkrishnashetty