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IoT Roadmap from 2018 Landscape

IoT Roadmap from 2018 Landscape

What I think IoT should have and happening in 2018

Ahmad Anshorimuslim Syuhada

November 18, 2018

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  1. IoT Timeline ‘68 PLC PLC <-> PC PLC connected to

    PC ‘86 ‘89 WWW TCP/IP Internet was born ‘92 ‘97 M2M Wireless M2M IoT Born Kevin Ashton by using RFID ‘99 ‘02 Cloud Era Amazon Price Drop Sensors & Dev Kit ‘11 Before we had internet of things (IoT), there were sensornets….
  2. Standardization • Regulation • Protocol • Bandwidth • Platform and

    Data • TKDN Mass adoption will eventually be STANDARD
  3. Think Big Start Small 1. How to Sense and Act

    first 2. Talk about Basic Connectivity later 3. Prepare how to connect Things and Internet (Locally and Globally)
  4. Security • Encryption ◦ Algorithm (ex. AES) ◦ Key from

    Local and Global ◦ Token • Whitelisting Machines • OTA Update • Or just use 3rd party protocol
  5. Offline First IoT “We live in a disconnected & battery

    powered world, but our technology and best practices are a leftover from the always connected & steadily powered past.” - offlinefirst.org Others tech already did it, android and web, why not IoT?!
  6. How To Start IoT Project • Get a DevKit (Nodemcu

    ESP8266 / ESP32) • Start using Framework (Sming) • Use Open Source Broker, ex. Mosquitto (MQTT) • ….rest is usual programming for web and cloud
  7. How To Start IoT Project Or just join us [email protected]

    Subject: [firmware|software|android|data] engineer