Dynamic Code Analysis for JavaScript

0284b8950e0f4a57bcc092d4dbb98d97?s=47 Ariya Hidayat
February 12, 2014

Dynamic Code Analysis for JavaScript

Presented at jQuery Conference 2014 in San Diego: http://events.jquery.org/2014/san-diego/.

These days, publishing a project without a comprehensive test suite is frown upon. However, the tests themselves do not always tell the full story. We need to level up and provide a more confident level of dynamic code testing. In this talk, two types of such analysis will be covered: code coverage and run-time complexity profiling. Code coverage is instrumental in deciding the quality of the existing sets of unit tests. An important aspect of coverage testing, branch coverage, plays an important role in discovering possible latent bugs due to untested code flow. In addition to code coverage, complexity profiling permits selective instrumentation of a particular code block for the purpose of performance analysis. More than just measuring elapsed time, run-time profiling also needs to reveal the algorithmic complexity which can be tracked via this empirical approach.

Additional details: http://ariya.ofilabs.com/2014/02/the-majestic-jquery-conference-san-diego-2014.html.


Ariya Hidayat

February 12, 2014