Let's Talk About Mental Health - Techorama NL

Let's Talk About Mental Health - Techorama NL

It’s a great time to be in technology. And yet despite the improvement in our tools, we somehow don’t spend time talking about how to maintain our most important tool - the one between our ears. Your mental health is arguably the single most important factor in your ability to perform well, avoid burnout, and build resiliency, but we shroud the topic in secrecy, stigma, and co-opted clinical language that makes us think we know what's going on. We often don't even speak of what we feel to family and friends until we're facing a crisis.

We need to change all of that. You don't have to stay in the dark, and you *don't* have to suffer alone. In this talk we’ll start with some basics about mental health, then cover the most common mental health challenges facing developers, and then learn about some techniques to supercharge your brain by improving your mental hygiene (whether you have a psychological disorder or not). Most importantly, you’ll learn how to have a conversation with your coworkers (and other people in your life) about supporting each other and finding your best selves.


Arthur Doler

October 01, 2019