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Adding the WOW Factor to the Auction Catalog

January 18, 2022

Adding the WOW Factor to the Auction Catalog

Where to find the good stuff
Understand the auction audience
Procurement letter basics
Who and when to ask
Online requests
No-risk items
Questions & Answers


January 18, 2022

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  1. Finding Donations and Adding the WOW Factor to the Auction

    Catalog Featuring: Brian Rechtman, BlueTree Marketing
  2. BlueTreeMarketing.com • Founded in 2006 • Work with Nonprofits in

    All 50 States & Canada • Provide Auction Items Risk Free on Consignment • Travel Packages, Once in a Lifetime Experiences, Autographed Sports & Celebrity Memorabilia, Purses, Wine Packages
  3. Agenda: Finding Items for the Auction Fundraiser Where to find

    the good stuff 1. Understand the auction audience 2. Procurement letter basics 3. Who and when to ask 4. Online requests 5. No-risk items 6. Questions & Answers
  4. The auction audience Understand what the auction audience will bid

    upon & be creative • Define the audience • Historical data • National products & services • Sports • Unique experiences • Large ticket items • Local treasures • Priceless items • Keepsake items
  5. Be Prepared Be prepared and organized • Create an online

    presence • Map out all the important dates • Timing requests • Keep accurate records • Single person and location to store donated items • No thank you is okay • Do thank the donors after the event, plan for this now BONUS: being organized helps keep volunteers happy
  6. Procurement Letter Basics Answer the question “What does the donor

    get out of it?” • Be nice • Be short • Be direct • Single page • Include ALL key information • Call to action
  7. Who and When to Ask for Auction Donations In-Person Requests

    • ALWAYS have a procurement letter available • Ask all stakeholders • Ask all prior donors • Ask as you are using services or making a retail purchase • Leave plenty of time but not too much time between request and closing date
  8. Finding Donations Online Online Requests • ALWAYS have a procurement

    letter available • Many request additional information for verification such as tax id number, or school number • Tend to have a much longer lead time • May have limit on number of times requesting in a year or 2 years • Follow Auctria boards for over 500 links to donation request letters
  9. Keepsake Items of Auction Examples Keepsakes are great marketing tools.

    Use these to promote the auction to encourage participation. Print display pages, send in emails that are targeted to the exact audience/ class. These items went for over $350.
  10. Priceless Auction Item Examples Priceless are unique and one-of-kind. Priceless

    are experiential can be long term or short term. Create value out of something that is not ordinary or available on the retail market. Because they are one-of-a-kind it drives bids up.
  11. Online Request Resource - DonationMatch DonationMatch.com "One-stop shop" access to

    donated products from companies for silent auctions, raffles, giveaways • Pros: Free to use and secure at least 3 items, one application, e-delivery of printable gift certificates • Cons: Selection limited in some areas
  12. Online Request Resource - DonationMatch How It Works 1. Create

    a DonationMatch login 2. Add your organization profile 3. When verified, add event details 4. Go to “Find Donations” to see eligible items and make requests 5. Will be notified when a donation is approved, how to collect it, how the donor company wants to be thanked 6. Repeat steps 3-5 for future events EXAM PLE
  13. Why Use No Risk Auction Items • Wow Factor •

    Elevate Your Event • Fundraiser/Auction To Be Part Of
  14. No Risk Auction Items No-Risk Auction Items Sports and celebrity

    memorabilia, wine packages, purses, vacation packages, once in a lifetime experiences • Unique and not available on the open market for sale (Private Villas) • NEVER be asked for a deposit or guarantee • Get the small details in writing: shipping, airfare, black-out or exact dates & times, delivery services • Guaranteed authenticity Remember- there is a minimum bid and that is the commission that will be paid back to the no-risk company
  15. Choosing the Right Packages How to choose the right packages

    • Event Demographics (Male/Female) • Location of Event (Airfare/Land Only) • Type of Event (Gala/Golf Tournament, etc.) • Theme (Casino Night, Monte Carlo Night) • Sports Memorabilia - Players/Teams in Your Local Market
  16. Expectations What to expect after the auction is over •

    Handle booking the trips (Car Rental, Flights, Hotel, etc.) • Work with winning bidders to help with any upgrades (Additional hotel nights, upgraded tickets) • Be a point of contact with any questions during their trip
  17. No Risk Auction Items (Case Study) The New England Center

    for Children 2021 Children of Promise Gala on November 12, 2021 • Sonoma Trip (Consignment Cost = $3,850) • Trip gets bid up to and sells at auction for $26,000 (Twice) • Payment breakdown - The New England Center received $22,150 on each Sonoma Trip that was sold. Sold two Sonoma trips for a total of $44,300 profit on the one auction item.
  18. Accept Items in Auctria Auction website is already created •

    Add page → • Content → Others • Drag and drop solicitation element onto page • Include the procurement letter too!
  19. Don’t Do This Don’t Do Any of the Following 1.

    Be too pushy 2. Email when it says hand deliver or vica versa 3. Be wishy washy about picking up donations 4. Be scattered 5. Ask at super busy times 6. Wait too long to create a digital presence 7. Wait too long to distribute thank you letters 8. Waste your time with promotional offers
  20. Wrap Up & Next Steps Procurement is greatly enhanced with

    early promotion • Never too early to think about adding consignment • Track all donors and items • Website set-up • Branding the auction • Establish social media presence early • Promoting items
  21. Stay in Touch with Brian brechtman@ bluetreemarketing.com Q & A

    www.BlueTreeMarketing.com Direct 1.866.607.2616, ext. 101