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Attending to the Digital / Reclaiming the Web

Attending to the Digital / Reclaiming the Web

Presented at MIIS

Audrey Watters

October 21, 2016

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  1. Attending to the Digital / Reclaiming the Web Audrey Watters

    @audreywatters MIIS, October 2016
  2. thinking at the pace of print

  3. attending to the digital

  4. to attend, to heed, to attract, to call

  5. attention seekers and getters and grabbers

  6. attention, pathologized

  7. technologies are making us…

  8. the attention economy

  9. attending to the overabundance

  10. anxiety and order

  11. attending to the televisual

  12. the incoherence and irrelevance of telegraphy

  13. seeing the wind

  14. attending to the obvious

  15. “a world of broken time and broken attention”

  16. the garden and the stream

  17. fragmentation versus contemplation

  18. building a commons