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Anil Madhavapeddy

March 23, 2019

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  1. Introduction to LabSci Imagine
 Pembroke College
 Year 12 Masterclass

    Series 23rd March 2019 Anil Madhavapeddy, Gemma Gordon
  2. Computer Science at Cambridge • Course information:
 https://www.cst.cam.ac.uk/undergraduate-students • Today’s

    subject session, a microcosm of Cambridge • Lectures • Practicals • Supervisions
  3. Imagine LABScI Stanford & Cambridge • Overall Aim: To use

    cutting-edge technology to facilitate learning in non- standard classroom environments • Virtual Field Trip Program for students with limited resources, including hospitalised paediatric patients or those unable to experience nature • Summer 2018: Gathered footage from 32 different National Parks in the United States to develop interdisciplinary curricula with a STEM focus • Hands-on lab activities covering topics such as: deposition, uplift & erosion; desert adaptations; local flora and fauna; human geography and anthropology • Demonstrate curated field trips on inexpensive, readily available technology e.g. Google Cardboard Virtual Reality headsets https://labsci.github.io/imagine/
  4. What is the Grand Staircase? • A sequence of sedimentary

    rock layers that form a staircase found on the Colorado Plateau in the USA
 (Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona) • Stretches from Cedar Breaks in the north -> Bryce Canyon -> Grand Staircase-Escalante -> Zion National Park -> Grand Canyon in the south • Deposition, Uplift, Erosion
  5. Imagine LABScI • Imagine LABScI:
 https://labsci.github.io/imagine/summer2018.html • 360 VR Image

    Slideshow: bit.ly/camopenday • 360 VR Video of Spooky Gulch: bit.ly/camimagine - launch from the YouTube app
  6. Supervisions • Two groups, answering two questions: • Gemma: What

    subject area(s) do you think would benefit from this approach? • Anil: How would you modify the technology to improve this use case, and to apply to other use cases?