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Agile Turkey 2018 - The Scrum Master as a Change Facilitator

Barry Overeem
October 25, 2018

Agile Turkey 2018 - The Scrum Master as a Change Facilitator

The personal mission of Barry is creating a better understanding of the Scrum Master role. This is a role of many stances and diversity. One of the most important stances is the Scrum Master as a Change Agent. As a Change Agent the Scrum Master should facilitate and coach the organisation in its Scrum adoption. The Scrum master should help the organisation understand the spirit of Scrum and cause the necessary organisational changes. However, most organisations consider the Scrum Master as the secretary, scribe or coffee clerk. During the presentation Barry will invite you to re-imagine and re-consider the Scrum Master role and increase the changes of a successful Scrum adoption.

Barry Overeem

October 25, 2018

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  1. Coach “Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their

    own performance. It’s helping them to learn, rather than to teach them.” - John Whitmore
  2. Manager “No matter whether they are manager or not, everyone

    should feel responsible for management.” - Jurgen Appelo
  3. • Impediments • The Scrum process • The culture •

    Team health • Boundaries of self-organisation A Scrum Master manages...
  4. Change Agent “A good Scrum Master helps a Scrum Team

    survive in an organization's culture A great Scrum Master helps change the culture so a Scrum Team can thrive.” - Geoff Watts
  5. • Re-imagine the Scrum Master role • Create an environment

    where Scrum Teams can flourish! • Agile Coaches STEP IN • Scrum Masters STEP UP In a nutshell