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Agile Turkey 2019 - Liberating Structures, an antidote to Zombie Scrum

Barry Overeem
October 24, 2019

Agile Turkey 2019 - Liberating Structures, an antidote to Zombie Scrum

Scrum is HUGE! It’s massively adopted by organizations. That’s of course awesome! Except for the fact that many organizations and teams think they’re doing Scrum, while they’re not. Sure, they’ve got all the Scrum roles, events and artifacts in place. But there’s no working software at the end of the Sprint. There’s no drive to improve. No involvement of customers and users during development. This might look like Scrum from the surface. But it isn’t. This is Zombie-Scrum, and we need to stop it!

During the presentation, you’ll learn more about the causes and symptoms of Zombie-Scrum. Even more important, you’ll discover an antidote: Liberating Structures. Please note: this presentation isn’t for the faint of heart. Be brave. Join the resistance and help us fight Zombie-Scrum!

Barry Overeem

October 24, 2019

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  1. A Word of Warning... Chances are, you will be... •

    Overwhelmed → by learning a new language • Shocked → by the state of Scrum • Confused → a presentation about Liberating Structures? • Annoyed → 1 minute conversations?! • Terrified → Scrum Zombies in the room?
  2. The State of Scrum(.org) Scrum is HUGE! It’s massively adopted

    by organizations! Some numbers: • ± 300 Professional Scrum Trainers worldwide • 143.000 people trained around the world • 3.250.000 people have taken the open assessments • 300.000 people are certified • 100+ Scrum books • 10.000.000+ Scrum articles • 3 Scrum Songs
  3. The Real State of Scrum Many organizations think they’re doing

    Scrum… But it’s not Scrum… It’s… Zombie Scrum
  4. Meet the Zombie Scrum Research Team Barry Overeem - Doctor

    Stubble Christiaan Verwijs - Captain Curly Johannes Schartau - Lord Red Beard
  5. Causes of Zombie Scrum • Complex organizational structures • “Business”

    and “IT” • Cherry picking Scrum • Stuck in the “right” (tools, documentation, contracts, detailed plans) • Maturity models...
  6. Liberating Structures are… “A set of skills for people to

    improve their interactions in groups”
  7. A ‘frame’ to unleash and involve everyone! Every Liberating Structures

    uses 5 design elements. They offer a ‘frame’ for collaboration, decision-making, and interaction. Scrum, anyone?
  8. An example: Troika Consulting 1. The invitation 2. Arrangement of

    space and material 3. Configuration of groups 4. Distribution of participation 5. Sequence of steps and allocation of time
  9. How We Have Used It Individual coaching Team coaching Growing

    communities Public meetups Growing The Liberators Scrum.org classes Team kickoffs Team reboots Scrum Master Learning Journey
  10. Most importantly, we’ve used it for... • Clarifying the purpose

    of doing Scrum • Improving the Scrum events • Encouraging the self-organizing capabilities of the Scrum Team
  11. Clarifying the purpose of doing Scrum 9 Whys What, So

    What, Now What Critical Uncertainties 15% Solutions
  12. Improving the Scrum events 10x10 Writing Shift & Share UX

    Fishbowl Min Specs 25/10 Crowd Sourcing
  13. ‘Unleashing Organisational Superpowers’ As The Liberators, we take a radical

    approach to organizational change. Rather than taking the lead, we empower people within organizations to drive change themselves. As facilitators we create space where people can tackle difficult challenges together while also having fun. Inspired by the fields of complexity science and organizational psychology, we use Scrum and Liberating Structures to deliver fast-paced interactions, high involvement and creative destruction. With a strong focus on radical transparency, an experiential approach and creating a shared purpose, we put organizations in a position to thrive on complexity rather than being defeated by it. Are you ready to leave your comfort zone and unleash your superpowers?