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Lean Transformation

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June 20, 2018

Lean Transformation



June 20, 2018


  1. BIF Presentation Sponsor

  2. Lean Manufacturing BIF, the Baking Industry Forum Nelson Boyd, BBU

  3. 2018 Baking Industry Forum 2018 Baking Industry Forum Lean Transformations

  4. 2018 Baking Industry Forum Agenda • Opening statement - reality

    • Aspects of Lean Transformations • Five Dimensions of Lean Transformations • Project versus new way of life • Closing statements • Questions and answers
  5. 2018 Baking Industry Forum Exercise • Please cross your arms

    and legs
  6. 2018 Baking Industry Forum Reality • Lean Transformation is a

    very large undertaking • It is an acquired skill, the skill is developed while in action • 45 companies spanning six industries – 70% of all transformation efforts fail to deliver the desired results (Learning) – Almost 50% of all Lean transformations equally failed
  7. 2018 Baking Industry Forum Justification • What influences companies to

    undertake LT? • Payback is tremendous • Internal and external pressures – Increasing shareholder value – Changes to the industry – New technology
  8. 2018 Baking Industry Forum Prioritization • Importance level of the

    Lean Transformation – Must be a top two across the company • Top leadership - review of progress, to ensure minimal interruption • Learning: Strong Maintenance in your facilities
  9. 2018 Baking Industry Forum Model “Road Map” • “If you

    fail to plan, you are planning to fail” – Benjamin Franklin • Five dimensions of Lean Transformation • Its not just manufacturing that needs the transformation, every aspect of the business and support function
  10. 2018 Baking Industry Forum Change readiness • Recent large change

    results • Organizational feelings on lean • Company wide surveys • Learning: You need to fill vacancies and bench staff (Not everyone can handle change)
  11. 2018 Baking Industry Forum Organizational communication • Associate Engagement •

    Access to information • Level and frequency • Progress and changes on projects
  12. 2018 Baking Industry Forum Roles and responsibilities • Span of

    control • Job functions will change • Directly tied to new systems in place
  13. 2018 Baking Industry Forum Structured methodology • Disciplined approach –

    Must follow it religiously • Learning: Design a “Playbook” • Learning: Best practice sharing and implementation is key
  14. 2018 Baking Industry Forum Tracking progress • Metrics and reports

    • Review meetings • Pure financial numbers are not enough • MSAs (Measurement System Analysis)
  15. 2018 Baking Industry Forum Typical learning curve • Learning: Each

    Department/Location will have a different learning and improvement curve
  16. 2018 Baking Industry Forum Celebrating successes • Wins must be

    communicated • Review the failed attempts • Learning: Fail fast and often = growth • Recognition
  17. 2018 Baking Industry Forum Five Dimensions of LT • Standard

    method to describing a lean transformation • There is no perfect approach • Situational based on answering multiple questions
  18. 2018 Baking Industry Forum First Dimension of LT Value-Driven Purpose

    1 • What problem are we trying to solve? • “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek • Situational approach
  19. 2018 Baking Industry Forum Second Dimension of LT Value-Driven Purpose

    Continuou s improvem ent 1 2 • What work has to be done? • How will we improve it? • Improving the entire LT methodology • Sustainability mindset from the start
  20. 2018 Baking Industry Forum Many tools: PDCA, Pareto, Statistical Process

    Control, Fishbone diagram, Kaizen, Visual Management, SOPs, etc. MEASURE CONTROL IMPROVEMENT 2018 Baking Industry Forum 2. Continuous Improvement • What work needs to be done? • How are we going to improve the work?
  21. 2018 Baking Industry Forum Exercise • Dice, then pattern •

    Knowledge Threshold 2 2,4,6,8,10,12 2,4,6,8,10,12
  22. 2018 Baking Industry Forum IUMRING TO GQNGIUSIQNS Exercise

  23. 2018 Baking Industry Forum Third Dimension of LT Value-Driven Purpose

    Respect for People Continuou s improvem ent Behaviors 1 2 3 • Capability building • Skill assessments • Learning: Tools and Skills should not be a list to choose from
  24. 2018 Baking Industry Forum Fourth Dimension of LT Value-Driven Purpose

    Management Systems Respect for People Continuou s improvem ent Behaviors 1 2 3 4 • Make coaches out of middle managers • Learning: KPIs and the standard structure must be followed with no deviations
  25. 2018 Baking Industry Forum 4. Management Systems • What behaviors

    that complement the management systems? • Practice new behaviors each day • Up to 90% of the waste comes from systems, processes and policies • Focus on fixing processes, not the people!
  26. 2018 Baking Industry Forum Fifth Dimension of LT Value-Driven Purpose

    Management Systems Respect for People Continuou s improvem ent Behaviors Basic Thinking – Mindsets and Culture 1 2 3 4 5 • “Culture eats strategy for lunch” • Underlying assumptions • Explicit • Hidden • Current culture to ideal culture
  27. 2018 Baking Industry Forum Project versus New Way of Life

    1. Is the lean transformation a top priority? 2. If so, does the top leadership regularly communicate overall results to the company? 3. Does the company communicate the Vision, Mission, and Values of the company and continually base all their daily decisions on them? 4. Does the company use the Lean approach in all business processes? 5. Does the company and the managers show an internal respect for people development?
  28. 2018 Baking Industry Forum Closing Statements • Why – the

    purpose – True North • Prioritization • Methodology and Structure is vital • Five Dimensions • Winning – let’s be better today than yesterday
  29. 2018 Baking Industry Forum Questions and answers

  30. Thank You BIF, the Baking Industry Forum Nelson Boyd, BBU