CodeFest 2014 - User research not just usability

196a4242eecbd120dcb4cd9a80899e34?s=47 Ben Holliday
August 14, 2014

CodeFest 2014 - User research not just usability


Ben Holliday

August 14, 2014


  1. GDS @benholliday GDS @benholliday Ben Holliday
 User Research Government Digital

    Service" "
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  3. GDS @benholliday

  4. GDS @benholliday

  5. GDS @benholliday user research 
 not just usability

  6. GDS @benholliday “…making something 
 really usable which 

    one wants to use”" @leisa - Leisa Reichelt
  7. GDS @benholliday you can’t design 
 away complexity*" *or, UI

    can’t fix your UX
  8. GDS @benholliday hackpad

  9. GDS @benholliday the problem isn’t the design of the questions

    it’s why we’re asking the questions
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  11. GDS @benholliday

  12. GDS @benholliday usability doesn’t make things more usable*" *without the

    right design process
  13. GDS @benholliday “usability tests …great for identifying problems [but] poor

    at identifying solutions”" @userfocus - David Travis
  14. GDS @benholliday we’re not that great 
 at predicting what

    will work so we need 
 to iterate
  15. GDS @benholliday researchers work with project teams

  16. GDS @benholliday

  17. None
  18. GDS @benholliday Involve the whole team. Everyone can contribute. Everyone

    can learn
  19. GDS @benholliday functional prototypes
 test new ideas quickly

  20. GDS @benholliday

  21. GDS @benholliday use the tools that enable you to build

    things (quickly)
  22. GDS @benholliday design patterns

  23. GDS @benholliday hackpad

  24. GDS @benholliday process interaction design" user research" content design

  25. GDS @benholliday pop up research

  26. GDS @benholliday lab based research

  27. GDS @benholliday team analysis

  28. GDS @benholliday we’re looking for actionable insights that will help

    us decide what to do next
  29. GDS @benholliday use hypotheses to focus on learning

  30. GDS @benholliday testing assumptions

  31. GDS @benholliday something that’s usable won’t always create the right

  32. GDS @benholliday

  33. GDS @benholliday

  34. GDS @benholliday Assumption" People need to see a progress bar

    to help them complete the transaction." " Experiment: " We believe that removing the progress bar will not affect completion rates. We’ll know this is true if completion rates stay the same. progress indicators
  35. GDS @benholliday completion rate is the same 
 without a

    progress bar
  36. GDS @benholliday make user research part of your project" "

    use actionable insights" " test continuously and iterate" " focus on hypotheses " " challenge and test assumptions
  37. GDS @benholliday …so no more ‘one-off’ usability testing

  38. GDS @benholliday GDS @benholliday Ben Holliday" User Research Government Digital

    Service" "