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Escaping the Assumptions Trap #UXCE24

Escaping the Assumptions Trap #UXCE24

Ever wondered why products and services often lack good customer or user experience. The teams responsible for developing these offerings struggle to take the customer or user perspective at cruicial spots during the process. Unvalidated assumptions too often are used as foundation for generating output.

This escape game is about how CX and UX experts can help those teams getting out of the different assumptions traps.

#CX #UX #CustomerExperience #UserExperience #InnvationFacilitation #BehaviouralDesign #COM-B #JobToBeDone #LiberatingStructures #AssumptionsMapping #OpportunitySolutionTree #ORID #Pretotyping #AssumptionsTree #EscapeGame #GameWork

Benno Lœwenberg

May 19, 2024

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  1. @BennoLoewenberg One big or blurry assumption and struggling to evaluate

    or to act on it Focus on one golden idea/solution instead of outcomes Actionism and jumping to habitual tactics Aiming just for “awareness” rather than needs/jobs or behaviour change (esp. marketing teams) … AI-generated image   COMMON HURDLES OF TEAMS  
  2. what do we need to envision and enable that supports

    this behaviour change @BennoLoewenberg Current Behaviour Target Behaviour   THE GAP 
  3. @BennoLoewenberg AI-generated image Vanity metrics (e. g. NPS) instead of

    learning Limited consideration sets and “loyalty loops” Using indications rather than evidences Output-driven KPIs Lack of criteria for meaningful prioritzation …   COMMON HURDLES OF TEAMS  
  4. @BennoLoewenberg Importance Certainty how to assess assumptions for the ones

    relevant for customer/user value get into the focus   THE MATRIX