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UX for product managers - ProductCamp Vancouver 2011

Scott Baldwin
February 12, 2011

UX for product managers - ProductCamp Vancouver 2011

A workshop and talk I ran at the inagural ProductCamp Vancouver in 2011. The focus was on teaching others some of the basics of user experience and interaction design and how to apply basic principles to improve their products and create alignment during requirements development. I/we had a blast!

Scott Baldwin

February 12, 2011

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  1. Learn some of the basics of user experience and interaction

    design and understand how some core basic principles can help improve not only your product but also help create alignment during requirements development
  2. Credit: Peter Morville “Strike a unique balance on each project

    between business goals and context, user needs and behaviour, and the available mix of content.”
  3. Useful Ask whether our products and systems are useful, and

    to apply skills to make them more useful. Usable Ease of use is vital Desireable Having an appreciation for the power and value of image, identity, brand, and other elements of emotional design Findable Design navigable and locatable objects so users can find what they need. Accessible
 to those with disabilities Credible Including design elements that influence whether users trust and believe what we tell them. Valuable Deliver value to our sponsors. For non- profits, the user experience must advance the mission. With for-profits, it must contribute to the bottom line and improve customer satisfaction. Credit: Peter Morville
  4. facilitation user research personas sketching/drawing content strategy card sorting site

    maps workflows/task flows wireframes prototyping usability testing etc.
  5. Open Set context, frame of reference, get people thinking, spark

    imagination Close Focus on convergence and selection Couple rules Don’t open and close at the same time - allow people to be creative and critical at different times Close everything you open Credit: Dave Gray, Gamestorming
  6. thank you Scott Baldwin Sr. Product Manager, Direct Banking Central

    1 Credit Union twitter: @benry www.benry.net/blog