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October 04, 2013


Analyzing Open Source projects metrics is complex, but not impossible. Bitergia has shown its approach in Open World Forum 2013



October 04, 2013


  1. 1/14 11/10/13 @bitergia

  2. 2/14 11/10/13 @bitergia Company profiles Open Source Ecosystem

  3. 3/14 11/10/13 @bitergia On a sea of doubts... •

    Which Open Source project fits my needs? • Which software provider should I trust on? • Should I go Open Source or not? • Who is going to solve bugs on the software? • How the community is growing? • When issues are going to be on master branch? • ... ???
  4. 4/14 11/10/13 @bitergia Open Source communties, what is it

    about? It's all about the people It's all about the people
  5. 5/14 11/10/13 @bitergia People doing a lot of things

  6. 6/14 11/10/13 @bitergia Chaos? Complexity Complexity

  7. 7/14 11/10/13 @bitergia Complexity can be measured *Grimoire: set

    of tools developed by Bitergia for – Data gatherging MetricsGrimoire, to get data from: – SCM (Source Code Management) – SCR (Source Code Review) – ITS (Issue Ticketing System) – MLS (Mailing List Stats), IRC – Data analisys VizGrimoireR, statistical analisys tool based on R Project – Data visualization VizGrimoireJS, an HTML5 visualization tool
  8. 8/14 11/10/13 @bitergia Bitergia Open Source tools Project community:

    code repositories, tickets, bugs, mailing lists, forums... Data gathering Data management Statisctical analisys Visualization *Grimoire tools
  9. 9/14 11/10/13 @bitergia Metrics for community managers

  10. 10/14 11/10/13 @bitergia Metrics for project/engineering managers

  11. 11/14 11/10/13 @bitergia Open Source + Open Data =

    Linked Open Data On the web with an Open License Machine-readable data Non-propietary format RDF standards Linked RDF The data is more important than the chart More info:
  12. 12/14 11/10/13 @bitergia Smartmetrics • Community based developement is

    complex • There is a lot of data, but not useful information based on that data • Facts can be extracted from the data • There are tools to get the data, analyze it and provide the information • Going to Linked Open Data increases transparency and flexibility
  13. 13/14 11/10/13 @bitergia Smartmetrics "If you can not measure

    it, you can not improve it" Lord Kelvin (1824 - 1907)
  14. 14/14 11/10/13 @bitergia José Manrique López de la Fuente

    Business & marketing developer @jsmanrique