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Embracing Library-Supported Data Management Services

Embracing Library-Supported Data Management Services

Invited talk prepared for the Library Futures series, Oklahoma State University Libraries. April 2016.


Brianna Marshall

April 07, 2016


  1. embracing library-supported research data management Brianna Marshall | @notsosternlib |

    University of Wisconsin
  2. About Me Brianna Marshall briannamarshall.com Digital Curation Coordinator Lead, Research

    Data Services University of Wisconsin
  3. None
  4. research data management

  5. Image courtesy of Flickr user lukew (CC BY) we are

    all generating more digital stuff than ever before.
  6. Senior researchers think grad students and ECRs know how to

    manage data because they’re digital natives... But they don’t! And senior researchers aren’t equipped to train them, either. They don’t know where to start.
  7. Image courtesy of Flickr user katzarella (CC BY NC) hmm.

  8. how can libraries provide value in data services?

  9. CONSULTATIONS + GUIDANCE GENERAL RDM •  Organization, naming, versioning • 

    Sharing + openness •  Data formats, metadata •  Security •  Storage + backup •  Etc. OPEN SCIENCE + REPRODUCIBILITY FEDERAL REQUIREMENTS •  Data management plans (DMPs) •  OSTP memo 1
  10. + + + S E R V I C E

    S + + + TEACHING + TRAINING •  Data information literacy •  Embedded assistance DATA CURATION TECHNOLOGY •  Storage •  Collaboration •  Preservation (Maybe in the form of a repository, maybe not.) 2
  11. + + + + P O L I C Y

    + + + + 3 UNIVERSITY •  Governance/stewardship •  Security •  Campus OSTP response NATIONAL •  Funder policy advocacy •  Group/committee involvement INTERNATIONAL •  Data standards advocacy •  Group/committee involvement
  12. Image courtesy of Flickr user wackystuff (CC BY)

  13. None
  14. Image courtesy of Flickr user collegelibrary (CC BY)

  15. Research Data Services at UW

  16. Image courtesy of Flickr user katynicolson (CC BY NC ND)

    Consultations DMPs Training
  17. I have no idea how to make this work. Image

    courtesy of Flickr user matte4president (CC BY)
  18. I stopped waiting for a stamp of approval Image courtesy

    of Flickr user matte4president (CC BY) + +
  19. started t r y i n g t h i

    n g s
  20. connections + community •  Understanding existing structure at UW • 

    Meeting with IT + research support across campus •  Growing awareness within the library •  Identifying researcher needs, pain points •  Engaging “sister groups”(digital humanities, open meetup)
  21. building a strong foundation •  organization + documentation •  tracking

    + assessment •  website overhaul •  focus on design •  blog content •  outreach via monthly digest •  social media
  22. up next? Teaching and training •  Librarian “inreach” •  Workshops

    for grad students, ECRs •  Data Carpentry Focus on open science + reproducibility Extending existing partnerships
  23. not on the agenda •  Repository •  Larger scale OSTP

    response •  Deep engagements with researchers/labs
  24. recommendations for starting to build library data services

  25. balance out low- stakes campus visibility with robust “inreach” and

  26. Image courtesy of Flickr user usdot (CC BY NC ND)

    clear your path
  27. your organizational structure Image courtesy of Flickr user winemegup (CC

    BY NC ND)
  28. separating out expert guidance + project teams

  29. web presence

  30. consistent branding

  31. dig in Image courtesy of Flickr user pamhule (CC BY

  32. let’s talk about data consultations! Image courtesy of Flickr user

    superamit (CC BY NC)
  33. •  Beyond library services? •  In gray areas with many

    possible answers? •  When you don’t know how to find the answer? how do you provide consultations...
  34. speaker series

  35. host a reading group

  36. Image courtesy of Flickr user timshelyn (CC BY NC ND)

    craft your elevator pitch
  37. Midwest Data Librarian Symposium http://dc.uwm.edu/mdls/

  38. Image courtesy of Flickr user trufflepig (CC BY NC ND)

    get your hands dirty
  39. http://conservancy.umn.edu/handle/11299/162338

  40. tap into design thinking approaches Image courtesy of Flickr user

    guidedbycthulhu (CC BY NC ND)
  41. designthinkingforlibraries.com

  42. increase engagement, comfort, visibility learn together! decreased pressure increased trust

  43. Image courtesy of Flickr user brookenovak (CC BY NC ND)

  44. start presenting on RDM and related t o p i

    c s … whenever, wherever.
  45. Image courtesy of Flickr user katzarella (CC BY NC) don’t

    fear failure.
  46. Image courtesy of Flickr user vinaysomanna (CC BY NC ND)

    grad students need you!
  47. find these slide decks at: speakerdeck.com/bmarshall

  48. Image courtesy of mundoo (CC BY NC) find new ways

    to frame RDM
  49. Image courtesy of phoenixdailyphoto (CC BY NC)

  50. Image courtesy of matte4president (CC BY) make it fun.

  51. data comics by Cameron Cook (@cameron_ccook)

  52. boldness in RDM-land •  Keep sharing openly about successes AND

    failures •  Approach RDM within a broader context •  Embrace discomfort + an uncertain path •  Work on our elevator speeches •  Stop letting commercial entities take the lead (prevent vendor lock-in!) •  Not fixating on perfect digital preservation over workable solutions
  53. Image courtesy of Flickr user twentysevenphotos (CC BY SA)

  54. Image courtesy of Flickr user uwmadarchives together!

  55. the future of data services •  Teams - local, national,

    and international •  DIL/teaching, particularly training graduate students •  Computational focus (high throughput, data carpentry) •  Tied to federal funding requirements •  Curation + preservation services
  56. backwards planning Where do you want the library to assert

    value? Where are you resourced? - Consultations - Teaching and training - Policy - Infrastructure and technology
  57. start something Image courtesy of Flickr user winemegup (CC BY

    NC ND)
  58. None
  59. trust the time it takes to build Image courtesy of

    Flickr user ojofotografico (CC BY NC ND)
  60. Image courtesy of Flickr user 01j (CC BY NC ND)

  61. #goals

  62. measuring success ! Image courtesy of Flickr user chanceprojects (CC

    BY SA)
  63. what does s u c c e s s look

  64. None
  65. without an RDM team, y o u w i l

    l always be m i s s i n g something
  66. and you’ll feel bad about it.

  67. however!

  68. being competent + likable is a pretty g o o

    d s t a r t .
  69. + of the many ways to support RDM... any one

    is better than none. Image used courtesy of Flickr user elo_m (CC BY SA)
  70. learn more About the history of RDS: https://speakerdeck.com/bmarshall/creative-ideas- for-revitalizing-research-data-services About

    RDS marketing and outreach: https://speakerdeck.com/bmarshall/marketing-and- outreach-strategies-for-research-data-services Data Information Literacy preconference (ALA 2016): http://www.ala.org/acrl/datainformationliteracy
  71. thanks for listening! Brianna Marshall brianna.marshall@wisc.edu briannamarshall.com @notsosternlib