JavaScript, JavaScript…. Rocks You!

JavaScript, JavaScript…. Rocks You!

Take your old scratched Les Paul or Stratocaster from the case and fill all the space around with warm riffs. I’m going to show how to transform the code into Kirk Hammett’s wah-wah, Stevie Ray Vaughan’s overdrive and Kurt Cobain’s distortion. You’ll learn how to parse audio input in real-time using JavaScript and the Web Audio API.

I’ll be jamming live on stage with my guitar to demo every code example, and we’ll also use WebRTC to jam with friends across the world! After this talk, you will be familiar with the principles behind pedal sound effects and how to create them in code. Let’s rock the Web 🤘!


Vitalii Bobrov

May 10, 2019


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    Reverb Graph Channel Splitter Node Channel Merger Node “Dry”

    Node “Wet”
 Gain Node Delay Node Biquad Filter Node Convolver Node
  8. 37.

    Connect line to destination Gain Node Distortion Wave Shaper Node

    Biquad Filter Node Cabinet Convolver Node Reverb Channel Merger/Splitter Node Delay Node Recap
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