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Toastmasters Pathways Path Comparison

Jeanne Boyarsky
December 04, 2017

Toastmasters Pathways Path Comparison

Toastmasters Pathways has 10 paths of 5 levels each. This powerpoint pivots on the catalog listing the contents of each path. http://d57tm.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Pathways-Paths-and-Projects-Catalog-V2.1.pdf (George Marshall gave me the ok to share/post my view of his document)

Updated Oct 2021

Jeanne Boyarsky

December 04, 2017

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  1. Pathways Path Comparison Updated October 2021 The electronic version of

    this document is at https://speakerdeck.com/boyarsky/toastmasters-pathways-path-comparison Aggregated by Jeanne Boyarsky @JeanneBoyarsky https://www.selikoff.net/category/toastmasters -2/
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  5. Level 2 details

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  7. Level 3 details

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  10. Level 4 details

  11. Level 4 details Elective Options What it contains Which paths

    Building a Social Media Presence Build a new social media presence or enhance an existing one A 5-7 minute speech All Create a Podcast Create 60 minutes of podcast content 2-3 minute speech + play 5-10 mins All Manage Online Meetings 20-25 minute online meeting or webinar (with two resources) All Manage Projects Successfully Build a team Create a project plan and complete plan (with Project Plan resource) 2-3 minute speech about plan 5-7 minute speech about experience All except those with it as a required part 4 project: - Innovative Planning Managing a Difficult Audience 5-7 minute speech with audience role playing being difficult (will take 12-15 minutes) All except those with it as a required part 4 project: - Presentation Mastery Public Relations Strategies Create PR strategy 5-7 minute speech All except those with it as a required part 4 project: - Strategic Relationships Question-and-Answer Session 5-7 minute speech Q&A after speech (15-20 minutes total) All Write a Compelling Blog Post 8 blog entries in a month and have evaluated 2-3 minute speech All
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  13. Level 5 details

  14. Level 5 details

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