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Responsive eCommerce: Part Two

by Brendan Falkowski

Published April 10, 2013 in Design

Last year I made the case for responsive, many-device eCommerce websites: http://gravitydept.com/blog/responsive-ecommerce/

I demonstrated why it was important, what approaches could be taken, why it hadn’t been done, and how to form a convincing strategy to get it done.

This year I showed how the many-device landscape continues to explode and change user behavior, review concrete examples of companies that have embraced this and the financial benefits, and pinpoint the key problem areas when building responsive eCommerce applications with insights/examples from my experiences doing so on the front lines.

More info: http://gravitydept.com/blog/responsive-ecommerce-part-two/

Conference: Magento Imagine 2013
Speaker: Brendan Falkowski @ http://gravitydept.com
Location: Las Vegas, USA
Date: April 10, 2013