Designing the B2B Experience (MageTitans Austin 2016)

E694bd183d786a54cef3de4468306804?s=47 Brendan Falkowski
September 08, 2016

Designing the B2B Experience (MageTitans Austin 2016)

I spent the last four years advocating for responsive design as a scalable strategy to beat consumer’s expectations in a multi-device world. The B2C world shifted dramatically from designing for a screen to designing for users, which put tremendous pressure on B2B businesses to keep pace.

My last two years were focused on the B2B space and extending the considerations of RWD to customers that behave differently than a consumer but have the same critical eye.

This presentation details my thought process designing the user experience and services for the B2B customer and what it really takes to beat the curve.

More info:

Conference: MageTitans Austin 2016
Speaker: Brendan Falkowski @
Location: Austin, Texas, USA
Date: September 8, 2016


Brendan Falkowski

September 08, 2016