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Steps to RWD Success (Internet Retailer Webcast)

Steps to RWD Success (Internet Retailer Webcast)

Mobile is forecast to become the leading e-commerce channel in the next 5 years yet just 56% of the Fortune 100 and only 6% of small and medium-sized businesses have mobile-optimized sites.

What's holding back mobile adoption and more importantly how can merchants ensure that they have a mobile strategy that will set them up to reap the full value of their ecommerce platform investment?

As the leading e-commerce platform for responsive design with 32% of the responsive sites in the Alexa 1M, Magento sponsored a webinar featuring Forrester Research to share insights, missteps to avoid, and lessons learned from merchants who have embraced responsive design.

The webinar features a panel of speakers with deep experience with responsive web design projects, including:

4:40 — Mark Grannan (Analyst, Forrester Research, serving Application Development & Delivery Professionals): His research focuses on responsive web design planning, pitfalls, and best practices, and the broader evolution of digital experience delivery software and services offerings.

26:42 — Brendan Falkowski (Founder, Gravity Department): a web strategy and design practice that specializes in ecommerce for a many-device world. He is an expert contributor to Magento’s developer advisory board and a 3-time speaker at Magento’s Imagine conference.

34:45 — Nigel Aitchison (Director, TTi-Floorcare): He has overseen a 700% growth in ecommerce sales for the Vax and Dirtdevil brands in Europe, and recently delivered a responsive ecommerce platform in 4 weeks that saw conversion rates soar.

Webinar: Internet Retailer
Speaker: Brendan Falkowski @ http://gravitydept.com
Date: July 23, 2014

Brendan Falkowski

July 23, 2014

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  1. Steps to RWD Success
    July 23, 2015

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  2. Brendan Falkowski

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  3. Design Consulting
    $4B B2B leader
    (private beta)

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  4. Mobile First vs. Desktop First
    Think of the small screen first. Let
    those priorities and interactions
    define the application.

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  5. Mobile design isn’t m.site.com
    Stripped down sites aren’t effective.
    When users click “View Full Site”
    links they’re saying it wasn’t helpful.

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  6. Designed
    Mobile First
    Desktop First

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  7. Mobile First
    Better Navigation, Prioritized Content

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  8. Desktop First
    Cluttered Header Always Blocks Content

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  9. 34% of cellular internet users in
    America rely on their phone as their
    primary web access.

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  10. Don’t cut features or content
    Some users only have a smartphone,
    and some switch between several
    devices before purchasing.

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  13. Quantity
    Average Order Value
    Revenue – iPad
    Revenue – iPhone
    Revenue – Android
    YOY Impact of
    RWD for Skinny Ties

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  14. Presentation Resources

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