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Marketing Culture

D0bd5ccf2859245b4daf49739a2ceab3?s=47 Brian Doll
August 23, 2013

Marketing Culture

Marketing is the intentional transfer of culture


Brian Doll

August 23, 2013


  1. Culture Marketing @briandoll 

  2. Thanks, Alan

  3. culture the intentional transfer of Marketing is

  4. What culture are you spreading?

  5. Are you more like Richard?

  6. or Billy?

  7. Everything you do communicates your culture

  8. Who are you talking to?

  9. You are not Freddie

  10. Small tribes of superfans

  11. Tell Stories

  12. Jobs to be done, not personas A thousand songs in

    your pocket
  13. What is your voice?

  14. GitHub is: enthusiastic, confident, helpful, patient, warm and classy

  15. None
  16. technology engineering bionic cyborg advanced articulation neural interface Actual words

    used to market this:
  17. “...provide patients with improved, dexterous control of a prosthetic arm

    and hand.”
  18. None
  19. You can hug your wife now

  20. culture the intentional transfer of Marketing is @briandoll 