GitHub, an egalitarian love story

D0bd5ccf2859245b4daf49739a2ceab3?s=47 Brian Doll
November 03, 2012

GitHub, an egalitarian love story


Brian Doll

November 03, 2012


  1. an  egalitarian love  story Photo of Paul Simonon by Pennie

    Smith @briandoll
  2. GitHub  isn't  a  startup,   it's  a  punk  band  that

      makes  software. -­  @rtomayko
  3. GitHub  is  still  an   independent  punk  band. They're  just

     going  with  a   major  label  distributor. -­  @shanev
  4. Egalitarianism

  5. Equality  for  all Egalitarianism:

  6. Rules  Suck Egalitarianism:

  7. Egalitarianism: Group  Decision  making

  8. Egalitarianism: Decentralized  control

  9. "organizations  which  design  systems  ...   are  constrained  to  produce

     designs   which  are  copies  of  the  communication   structures  of  these  organizations" Conway’s  Law: /via  @kneath
  10. is  egalitarian

  11. all  repositories   are  equal

  12. choose  your   own  workflow

  13. collaboration   without   coordination

  14. is  egalitarian

  15. Everyone  can   contribute

  16. Pull  requests are  egalitarian

  17. GitHub  makes  it   easier  to  work   together  than

  18. tools  -­>    people  -­>        product  -­>

               values  -­>                taste  -­>                    tools  -­>                        people  -­>                            ...
  19. is  egalitarian software

  20. /via  @rtomayko’s  OSS  Constraints Constraints Electronic   communication

  21. /via  @rtomayko’s  OSS  Constraints Constraints Available via  URL

  22. /via  @rtomayko’s  OSS  Constraints Constraints Asynchronous

  23. /via  @rtomayko’s  OSS  Constraints Constraints Lock-­free

  24. is  egalitarian (the  company)

  25. Influence  over   hierarchy

  26. Contributions are    made  based  on skills,  interest  and  

    company  focus, not  your  job  title
  27. chat-­based   office  is   location   independent

  28. No  rules,  but 5  core  values

  29. Optimize  for happiness values

  30. Best  argument   wins values

  31. Make  decisions   from first  principals values

  32. Create   superfans values

  33. Be  awesome  and   change  the  world values

  34. You,  your  projects   and  your  company   are  egalitarian

  35. How  can  you   improve  equality?

  36. What  rules  are   really  necessary?

  37. How  can  you  best   make  decisions?

  38. How  are  you  going  to change  the  world?

  39. Thank  You! Questions? @briandoll