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April 16, 2024

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  1. 圖書館本週新書(17/04) Title:Viruses and pandemics [病毒與流行病] 同區友校S.2書單指定用書 Cover: This book is

    about viruses and was written during the COVID- 19 pandemic. Learn about bacteria and viruses - from the common cold to smallpox, polio, Ebola and the Zika virus Call No.:576 WRI
  2. 圖書館本週新書(17/04) Title:A Christmas Carol [聖 誕頌歌] 沙田英中S.2書單指定用書 Cover: Old man

    Scrooge has no friends or family to love him - he's just so miserable and bitter! One freezing cold Christmas Eve, Marley's Ghost pays Scrooge a visit and takes him on an eerie night-time journey... Call No.:F DIC
  3. 圖書館本週新書(17/04) Title:Doctor Who, Robot of Sherwood [超時空奇俠] 同區友校S.2書單指定用書 Cover: In

    beautiful Sherwood Forest, the Doctor learns of the dangerous plan of robots from space. He doesn't like Robin Hood, but has to work with him. Who is real and who is not? Call No.:F DOC
  4. 圖書館本週新書(17/04) Title:Kung Fu Panda 4 [功夫 熊貓.4] Cover: Po is

    the Dragon Warrior, chosen by Master Oogway to wield the Staff of Wisdom. But when Master Shifu makes a shocking announcement - that Po must train his successor... Call No.:F KUN
  5. 圖書館本週新書(17/04) Title:Romeo and Juliet [羅密 歐與茱麗葉] Cover: As well as

    the complete and unabridged text, each play in this series has an extensive range of notes Call No.:F SHA