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Sulu & Sylius | Content and Commerce

Sulu & Sylius | Content and Commerce

Thomas Schedler

November 07, 2019

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  1. Sulu & Sylius Content and Commerce

  2. Hi, I’m Thomas Schedler @chirimoya – Co-founder & CEO of

    Sulu GmbH – More than 15 years of experience in web technologies & development – PHP, Symfony, React, SQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, … – Open source enthusiast – Loves cooking and mountains thomas@sulu.io https://github.com/chirimoya
  3. Content and Commerce Product meets content with added value.

  4. Content Commerce – Editorial content – Combined with matching Products

    – Added value for customer – Increased sells https://www.zielbar.de/magazin/content-marketing-commerce-9650
  5. Brooklyn Soap – Men healthcare journal – Each post with

    matching products – Editorial content – Less interactions https://bklynsoap.com/de/journal
  6. Nike Run Club – App for individuell 
 training-plans –

    Tipps & tricks in a journal – Application combined with editorial content https://www.nike.com/at/de_de/c/running/nike-run-club/training-plans
  7. Sounds pretty logical. But how do you do that?

  8. Headless eCommerce – Decouple presentation and eCommerce layer – Add

    flexibility and maintainability – Independent of 
 selling channel – Use-Case specific systems https://www.massiveart.com/blog/technologien-fuer-headless-e-commerce
  9. Traditional vs. Headless eCommerce Traditional Headless Front-end Development – Design

    constraints – Time to edit the database, code and platform is massive – No design constraint.
 Just make a simple API call – Need to make front-end presentation from scratch Customization and personalization Pre-defined experience for 
 both users and admin Create your own experience 
 for both users and admin Flexibility and adaptability Front-end is tightly coupled with back-end — only little room for customization – Endless customization – Changes can be made in the
 front-end https://www.coredna.com/blogs/headless-commerce
  10. Sulu is… – Enterprise content management platform – Built full-stack

    on the Symfony framework – Made for businesses – Intuitive UI with great UX – High performance – 100% Open Source
  11. For business – Built for the needs of professional corporations

    – Extensive enterprise features – Multi-language, multi-portal & 
 multi-channel – Easy data-integration from external resources – Perfect for developing any type of business-app
  12. For editors – Intuitive and fast user interface – Web-based,

    no installation required – Validated forms ensure correct semantics – Live preview content as you type it – Switch seamlessly between different devices (Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop)
  13. For marketers – Manage consistent global branding & messaging for

    all your channels – Clever and comprehensive online marketing features builtin – Centralized landing-page management – Create personalised digital experiences – Easy to extend, if you need even more
  14. For developers – Full-Stack Symfony environment – Semantic configuration of

    templates – Easy transition from data to HTML – Build applications around content management – Add/Remove functionality with Symfony Bundles
  15. Sylius is… – eCommerce Platform – Built full-stack on the

    Symfony framework – Foundation for your customised
 eCommerce application – All eCommerce features you need – Many plugins & bundles available – Open Source
  16. For business – Express your brand's unique look and feel

    – Headless eCommerce — sell on any device – Integrates with your existing tech stack – Administration panel that fully adapts
 to your workflows – Support for the most popular payment providers
  17. For developers – Built on the shoulders of open 

    source giants – Fully customisable data models 
 and logic – Business logic configured via
 state machine – Fully tested & testable – Well documented
  18. Comparison Sulu Sylius eCommerce - x eCommerce Plugins - x

 PIMs / ERPs - x Shop API - x
  19. Comparison Sulu Sylius Content Management x - (Very basic via

    plugin) Configurable Templates x - Advanced Caching (Varnish) x - Drafting, Versioning & Audience Targeting x -
  20. Comparison Sulu Sylius Multi-Portal / Channel x x Multi-Language x

    x Flexible / Intuitive Admin UI x (for content) x (for eCommerce) Symfony x x
  21. Supertanker Need highly specialised staff, expensive and very complex. Trucks

    Need a special driving- license, must be configured to your needs. Cars Many can ride them, some can repair it. Bicycles Everyone can ride them, many can repair it. Market position
  22. Let's do it! Can't be that hard.

  23. First attempt
 Full Integration – Main big goal — one

    administration interface — one installation – Symfony + Symfony – Sulu API driven – Sylius provides API
  24. First attempt
 Full Integration

  25. Quite challenging and a lot more work than expected! Not

    now, but still a long term option.
  26. Second attempt
 Synchronisation – Sulu & Sylius working parallel —

 tow installations – Synchronise product data – Sulu renders the webpage – Interaction with Sylius
 via the Rest-API
  27. Synchronisation

  28. How much do we really 
 need to synchronise? All

    vs Nothing
  29. None
  30. How much does Sulu need 
 to know about Sylius?

    Gateway vs Content Provider
  31. Sulu as Sylius Gateway

  32. Sulu as Content Provider

  33. Feinschmecker Shop – Developed by Sulu – Using – Symfony

    Messenger + 
 Redis Streams – SuluArticleBundle – Various Sylius Plugins – React app talking to 
 Sylius Shop Api https://www.feinschmecker.de
  34. Glasses24 – Developed by brille24.de – Using – Synchronisation to

 Article Bundle – Sulu pipelines Sylius calls – Planned – Akeneo PIM Integration – Remove Synchronisation and use Elasticsearch directly https://www.glasses24.com
  35. Boneco – Developed by MASSIVE ART WebServices (work in progress)

    – Using – Symfony Messenger + 
 Redis Stream – Synchronisation to custom Entity in Sulu – React app talking to 
 Sylius Shop Api https://www.boneco.com
  36. sulu.io Thank you!