Why developers need marketing now more than ever | GlueCon 2019 | Claire Giordano

Why developers need marketing now more than ever | GlueCon 2019 | Claire Giordano

Many in today’s developer world look down on marketing. I mean, after all, the marketing team is usually “not technical.” And they’re not developers. It’s 2019 and while we try to promote inclusiveness of all types, inclusiveness doesn’t seem to apply to marketers. Why? Is that OK? Who does that hurt? I grew up in engineering and spent the first 15 years of my career as a developer or an engineering manager of some type. So now that I’m in marketing, it surprised me when one of my engineering colleagues blurted out “But it’s a technical conference!” when he learned one of my talks was accepted to a technical conference.

This keynote is about why developers really need marketing. About how good marketing managers can make it so visitors to your website don’t leave empty-handed, confused about what your technology actually does or why it matters. About how the ability to translate technology into what-users-actually-care-about can make your project be the one that takes off. About why Dormain Drewitz said at Monktoberfest: “I work in product marketing. My preferred programming language is English.” Finally, this talk explores how to be sensitive to the bias against marketing that pervades some of our teams—and how to instead embrace teamwork best practices employed by sailors, where everyone in the boat has an important role to play if you are to win the race.


Citus Data

May 23, 2019