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Analyzing Yumemi’s organizational structure from object-oriented perspective

February 16, 2020

Analyzing Yumemi’s organizational structure from object-oriented perspective


February 16, 2020

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  1. organizations which design systems ... are constrained to produce designs

    which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations. - M. Conway
  2. const my_info = { Workplace: ‘Yumemi Inc’, Position1: ‘Servant Leader

    of FET’, Position2: ‘CEO(secondary)’, Community: ‘Riot.js, Ionic, DIST’, PokemonGO: ‘TL40’ } About me
  3. Sorry 1 … This slide is made in English. But

    I am unfamiliar using English. So, I may have a wrong expression. Plz feedback for me called “Masakari” about my English!!
  4. Sorry 2 … The title says “Analyzing ... from object-oriented

    perspective“, but it doesn't matter much ...
  5. There are funny system ‣ Decide our salary by ourself

    ‣ Unlimited paid leave ‣ All members are CEO
  6. Agile Organization If there is an algorithm that adapts without

    someone ordering it, it can respond to change naturally Organizations are self-designed and adapt as a result in unpredictable environments
  7. Back-end Designer Front-end Infrastructure Planner Manager B project team Business

    Tester Creating a new team from scratch is costly...
  8. What is the background of the team? What is the

    significance of the team? What is the purpose of the team? What the results do the team want? Story
  9. Refers to the scope of activities, tasks, responsibilities, available resources

    and budget that the team should fulfill. • reasonable distance about the activities • don’t overlap too much • don’t separate too much Scope
  10. Stakeholder name detail Committer ɾHave responsibility and pro-req rights ɾCommit

    continuously of team’s scope Contributor ɾSupport committer ɾCannot have pro-req rights Coach ɾCoaching ɾDo not interfere more than necessary (Rep) ɾTeam contact ɾResource management
  11. Anti pattern I have 3 roles… Rep A Rep B

    Rep C PM/Business There are many consultation Reps... developer, HR, marketer...etc …
  12. Anti pattern Team A ❌ Team A Team B We

    don’t accept you're join. ❌ We don’t accept creating new team.
  13. Pro-req flow Stakeholder Committer 1. Create Proposal 2. Review ※

    Don’t deny 3. Check Review 4. Need to modify proposal? merge 5. Push Yes No Post channel
  14. Everyone has the rights to decide All parties involved in

    the decision and experts must be consulted There is no obligation to take every opinion, but it is not a compromise All advice must be accepted and seriously considered Advising Process
  15. Advising Process We have the right to decide Please advise

    to me ✅ foo ❎ boo ✅ bar ̋̋ ˚˚ ✕✕
  16. Roles and responsibilities Manager Designer Engineer Programmer ɾRequirement definition ɾCreate

    document(Project) ɾResource management ɾDesign(UIUX) ɾDesign(System) ɾCreate document(System) ɾCoding ɾCreate document(Codes) ɾCommunication and adjustment about specification of system/app ɾre-design(UIUX/System)
  17. Teams are more object-oriented than expected, but based Chaos Keep

    order in Chaos Yumemi is like an OSS Summary
  18. There are other funny system ‣ Support for re:Invent, WWDC

    ‣ Qualification bounty ‣ Unlimited exercise system