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Techie Corner: August 3rd week

August 20, 2012

Techie Corner: August 3rd week

Presentation created by Suchithra- Team Lead, Cogzidel Technologies


August 20, 2012

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  1. MODORI MODORI is the first OS which will replace windows

    fully from computer map. MODORI is an offshoot of Ms Researches singularity OS. In Midori the tools and libraries are completely managed code. MODORI is designed to run directly on native hardware (x56,x64,ARM). MODORI can be also seen as MS’s answer those who are applying virtualization as mean to solving issues within contemporary compiling. The main idea behind MIDORI is to develop a light weight portable OS which can be mated easily to lots of various applications.
  2. Importance  Actually Os is loaded onto a hard disk

    physically located on that machine. As windows is dependent on hardware, it might face opposition from contemporary ways of working , because people are extremely mobile in using different devices in order to get diverse information.  Due to this trend installing different applications on a single computer may let to different compatibility issues however the machine require updating. The new OS will solve these problems by the concept of virtualizing. This will solve problems such as  Widespread security vulnerabilities  Unexpected interaction among different applications  Failure caused but errant extension.
  3. DATABASE SECURITY Securing a database allows organization to protect the

    corporate data from threats from external sources Data base security is a serious issues, if not implemented correctly the consequences can be costly to companies if their vital data is hacked into or their customer data leaks out which can even lead to cases to identity theft. Methods Database security can be classified based on the key areas of the security concerns  Server security  Database connections  Table access Control  Restricting database access
  4. This is normally achieved with authentication mechanism. In a network

    which promotes server security. Every server should be configured to permit only trusted IP addresses. Good Practices For the security of network date, it is suggested that not to permit dynamic application to update the database without the appropriate authentication Vulnerabilities Some of the solutions for vulnerability are  Encrypting the data  Putting a firewall around the database server  Implement a VPD ( virtual private Database)
  5. Technology news On Aug 6th 2012, Knight capital group launched

    new york stock exchange trading program for individual investor. $440 million trading loss incurred by knight capital group stemmed from old computer software accidentally reactivated when a new software program was installed. The old system triggers buy and sell order. Once it went live on the market. It was unclear how the old code evades the control system. Once activated the software multiplied stock trade by one thousand and the staff spends 45 mins looking through 8 set of software before discovering what happened. Every chief technology officer is thinking that they don’t know which buried in some link of code or what unanticipated change will lead to failure. When facing such problems which they have never seen before.
  6. LINUX What is Linux? • A fully-networked 32/64-Bit Unix-like Operating

    System • Unix Tools Like sed, awk, and grep (explained later) • Compilers Like C, C++, Fortran, Smalltalk, Ada • Network Tools Like telnet, ftp, ping, traceroute • Multi-user, Multitasking, Multiprocessor • Has the X Windows GUI • Coexists with other Operating Systems • Runs on multiple platforms • Includes Source code Where did it come from? • Linus Torvalds created it • With assistance from programmers around the world • First posted on Internet in 1991
  7. • Linux 1.0 in 1994; 2.2 in 1999 • Today

    used on 7-10 million computers • with 1000’s of programmers working to enhance it Why is it significant? • Growing popularity • Powerful • Runs on multiple hardware platforms • Users like its speed and stability • No requirement for latest hardware • It’s “free” • Licensed under GPL • Vendors are distributors who package Linux
  8. MOUNTAIN LION OS Its time for us to move with

    Apple OS instead of using windows. Some of my views about Mountain Lion OS and its features,  200 new features  Very good security  Very high user download  Easy accessibility  Airplay Mirroring- encrypted streaming  Built in sharing  Dashboard, widget browser  Game center  Gate keeper  Iclould  Notification center  Photo Booth  Power Nap  Quick Time X  Security  Time machine
  9. This week presentation is combined by G. Suchithra. E-mail :

    [email protected] Skype: suchithra.george Thanks to CL,PM,COO,CTO,CEO. Special Thanks to demonstrators, • Ragini • Valarmathi • Kousalya • Senthil Ganesh