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Techie Corner: Septeber 1st week

September 11, 2012

Techie Corner: Septeber 1st week

Presentation created by B. Karthikeyan - Core Lead, Cogzidel Technologies


September 11, 2012

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  1. Introduction Gadget Package including 5 devices Handwriting data input function

    Virtual Keyboard Projector Camera scanner Personal ID with cashless pass function
  2. Components • Low cost electronic perception technology • Bluetooth •

    LED Projector – Monitor taken by LED Projector – A4 size – 1024*768 resolution
  3. Components • Digital Camera – Video Recording – Video Conferencing

    – Web cam • Virtual Keyboard – Emit Laser on desk – Qwerty keyboard – Smoothly connect PC
  4. Features • Settings can be changed by sound connection. •

    Intensity • Timeouts • Sensitivity • Auto Repeat
  5. Introduction • Type of online identity theft • Uses Email

    and fradulent websites to steal personal data.
  6. • Steal money from your account • Obtain official document

    using your identity. • Open account in your name.
  7. Types • Deceptive Phishing • Malware Based Phishing • Key

    loggers and screen loggers Phishing • Session Phishing • Web Trojans • Hosts files poisoning • System reconfiguration attacks • Data Theft • DNS based Phishing • Content Injection Phishing
  8. System Reconfiguration Attacks • Modify settings on a users PC

    for malacious purposes. • URL’s in a favorite files
  9. Deceptive Phishing • Messages about the need to verify account

    information. • System failure requiring users to Re-enter their info.
  10. Web Trojans • Popup invisibly when users are attempting to

    login. • They collect the users credentials locally and transmit then to the phisher.
  11. Key Loggers and Screen Loggers • It tracks the key

    board inputs and send relevant information to the hacker through internet. • They can embedd themselves into users browsers as small utility programmers. • It will run automatically when the browser is started.
  12. Content Injection Phishing • Hackers replace part of the content

    of a website with false content designed to mislead or misdirect the user into giving up their confidential information to the hacker.
  13. Session Hijacking • User activities are inherited clearly until they

    are login to a target account. • At that point, it takes control and can undertake the unauthorized actions.
  14. Smart Phone Cyber Attack • As lifestyle migrate to internet

    linked mobile devices , cybercrooks are increasing taking aim at smartphone where consumer are less aware of security risk mobile security estimated millions of dollars have been syolen from people worldwide using smartphone malware • "TOLL FRAUD" tool is used by attackers for attacking smartphone. which hides what it is doing and charges can go unnoticed in complex mobile service billing statements so far, it attacked 25 million subscribers of smartphones ,for the past 10 months the percentage of amartphone attack has increased from 29% to 62%.
  15. Smart Phone Cyber Attack • "ADJACKING" is another tool using

    for cyber attacks which takes some popular application and change some segment of code in the application and also they reap the benefits of advertising To Prevent this kinds of attacks, user should make caution when downloading apps from social network or free app link
  16. MIND READING COMPUTER • Developed by team in computer laboratory

    at the university of cambridge, it implements a computational model of mind reading to infer mental states of people from thier facial signals goal is to enhance human computer interaction through emphatic responses and to improve productivity of the user software from nevenvision identifies 24 featuristic points on the face and tracks them in real time mind reading actually involves measuring the volume and oxygen level of the blood around the subject's brain using technology called "Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy" for that user has to wear a sort of futuristic headband
  17. Google is a money making machine; that is why it

    has tremendous influence in the online ecology. Google has a lot to teach the world about relevance, credibility, value & user experience. However, Google isn't a training company; it derives more than 90% of its revenues from advertising. >> Quality Score: The Grand Equalizer >> Google's Enforcing Great Experiences >> Knowing What To Do Is Not the Same as Being Presented >> Reason Why Improving an Average Conversion Rate >> Produces Average Results >> The Future of User Experience Driven by an Algorithm >> Learn more about Google's Quality Score http://www.uie.com/articles/google_ux_conversion/
  18. This week presentation combined by B. Karthikeyan. Thanks to our

    COO, PM, CTO, CEO. Special thanks to those who are demonstrate the techie session. • Suseendra • Ganesh • Habeeb • Karthikeyan • Valarmathy Name Id Skype bkarthikeyancss, bkarthikeyan.bk Face Book https://www.facebook.com/bkarthikeya n.bk Twitter http://twitter.com/bkarthikeyan_bk Linkedin http://www.linkedin.com/in/bkarthikeya nbk Gtalk Bkarthikeyan.bk