Five Years of Quiet Revolution

C9b18d9dff88a9dd2393364c2b3b21bd?s=47 Simon Collison
September 28, 2011

Five Years of Quiet Revolution

Presented at EECI2009, Leiden, Netherlands, October 2009

For Simon, EE was never a mere blogging tool, but rather a CMS with huge potential. The antithesis of all those grossly expensive and clunky proprietary “solutions”, EE brought us inexpensive, intelligent software that offered a low entry level, and inspired a quiet revolution.

Looking back at five years of heavy-lifting with EE, through his own experiences and those of others, Simon will explore the methods and ways of thinking that have empowered web teams like his own to tackle incredibly complex builds.

To this day, EE remains the primary choice for many of us, but how do we ensure it continues to meet the needs of professional development for content-heavy, ever-evolving websites? Expect an honest appraisal from someone who spends his days working at the sharp end.


Simon Collison

September 28, 2011