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Loblaw’s Playbook on How to Scale Digital Strategy

Loblaw’s Playbook on How to Scale Digital Strategy

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September 15, 2021

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  1. Please ask questions! Type your questions into the Q&A window

    of Zoom — we’ll answer questions at the end! © 2021 Contentful #DigitalFirstSeries
  2. © 2021 Contentful Meet your panel Johanna Hyde Senior Manager,

    Product Marketing Jerrold Litwinenko Director, Digital Experience Magda Vasinkova Senior Product Manager, Customer Engagement Solutions
  3. © 2021 Contentful We are Loblaw Top 100 One of

    Canada's top 100 employers 90% of Canadians Live within 10 kilometers of one of our locations More than 18 million PC OptimumTM members 190,000 Canadians employed in full- and part-time positions 3 million PC Financial® Mastercard® cardholders Since 1919, we’ve innovated the grocery retail experience to better serve Canadians Today, our goal is to be the best in food, health and beauty — to help Canadians Live Life Well®
  4. © 2021 Contentful Image sources LCL Digital asset management Personalization

    tools Analytics tools Creative tools Audience segmentation tools Content management Consumer Image source 1 Image source 2 Image source 3 Image source 4 Image source 5 Image source 6 Image source 7 DAM 1 DAM 2 DAM 3 DAM 4 DAM 5 DAM 6 CMS 1 CMS 2 CMS 3 CMS 4 CMS 5 CMS 6 Vendor 1 Vendor 2 Vendor 3 Vendor 4 Vendor 5 Vendor 6 From complexity...
  5. © 2021 Contentful Start small Get to value quickly Pilot

    in parallel Assembling for Scale Scale the platform to all use cases
  6. © 2021 Contentful Create a migration plan INNOVATION POTENTIAL How

    do we work together? GOVERNANCE Share knowledge, open channels across enterprise GUILD Look for patterns and actively listen to cater to user needs PATTERN RECOGNITION Establish a feedback loop Loblaw Playbook for scale ITERATION
  7. © 2021 Contentful .... to convergence Image sources LCL Digital

    asset management Personalization tools Analytics tools Creative tools Audience segmentation tools Adobe experience manager Content management Consumer Digital content solution — End state PIM Images DAM Images Internal image database 1 Internal image database 2 Internal image database 3 External image database 1 Vendor Images Print and digital flyer signage Multiple digital sites PCF SDM e-commerce Space planning SDM Direct mail, social, email
  8. © 2021 Contentful Agile ecommerce Global marketing & localization Agile

    ecommerce Knowledge base Content platform to better inform, serve and educate customers Converge to scale Learn more about use cases
  9. © 2021 Contentful What we’ve achieved while converging GLOBAL MARKETING

    & LOCALIZATION Value to our teams and customers Reduced toil for our Creative Services and Production teams A more consistent, accessible, SEO friendly experience for our customers More stable & modern tech, faster web pages Agility and flexibility for our marketers
  10. © 2021 Contentful Weekly time spent on banner site build

    (Production): • Hybris (old) 14 hours/1 hour per banner • Contentful (new) 5 hours total = 9 hours/week saved! (468 hours/year or 19.5 days) AGILE ECOMMERCE Online grocery team success
  11. © 2021 Contentful Loblaw Digital + Contentful Digital experiences with

    ‘in progress’ or ‘completed’ migration to Contentful within first 12 months 49 • Rapid adoption and convergence • Increased speed to market with modernized tech stacks • Improved accessibility, consistency and personalization • Built integration to use Contentful for marketing emails © 2021 Contentful
  12. © 2021 Contentful Build a solid foundation before iteration Balance

    governance with autonomy and an open forum for sharing Digital Playbook Takeaways Leverage a content platform, using Contentful for what it does best