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Paradigm Construction & Manifestos in interaction design

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April 25, 2013

Paradigm Construction & Manifestos in interaction design



April 25, 2013



    Tech jazzliang.wordpress.com Thursday, April 25, 13

  3. EPISTEMOLOGY Research through Design (2007) Designerly ways of knowing (2007)

    The 3rd Paradigm (2007) Thursday, April 25, 13
  4. RESEARCH THROUGH DESIGN (1) Process (2) Invention (3) Relevance (4)

    Extensibility Christopher Frayling, (1993) research through design Zimmerman, J. et al. (2007) research through design as a method for interaction design research Thursday, April 25, 13
  5. DESIGNERLY WAYS Five aspects of designerly ways of knowing: •

    Designers tackle 'ill-defined' problems. • Their mode of problem-solving is 'solution-focused'. • Their model of thinking is 'constructive'. • They use 'codes' that translate abstract requirements into concrete objects. • They use these codes to both 'read' and 'write' in 'object languages'. Cross, N. (2007) Designerly Ways of Knowing Thursday, April 25, 13
  6. MANIFESTOS Slow Technology (Redstrom, 2001) Ambiguity Design (Gaver et al.,

    2003) Ludic Design (Gaver et al., 2004) Reflective Design (Sengers, 2005) Thursday, April 25, 13
  7. SLOW TECHNOLOGY Designing for reflection Simple material Complex form Lars

    Hallnäs and Johan Redström. 2001. Slow Technology – Designing for Reflection. Personal Ubiquitous Comput. 5, 3 (January 2001), 201-212. Thursday, April 25, 13
  8. AMBIGUITY Ambiguity of information finds its source in the artifact

    itself ambiguity of context in the sociocultural discourses that are used to interpret it ambiguity of relationship in the interpretative and evaluative stance of the individual. Ambiguity can also be intriguing, mysterious, and delightful. William W. Gaver, Jacob Beaver, and Steve Benford. 2003. Ambiguity as a resource for design. InProceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI '03). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 233-240. Thursday, April 25, 13
  9. LUDIC DESIGN why task-oriented, focused, rational work ? 愉悅先於理解 設計不能只強化已知的愉悅,

    必須提出新的 理論只能有限度地使⽤用 Gaver, design for homo ludens. still Thursday, April 25, 13
  10. REFLECTIVE DESIGN Foundations of Reflective Design: 1. Participatory Design 2.

    Value-Sensitive Design 3. Critical Design 4. Ludic Design 5. Critical Technical Practice 6. Reflection-in-Action Phoebe Sengers, Kirsten Boehner, Shay David, and Joseph 'Jofish' Kaye. 2005. Reflective design. In Proceedings of the 4th decennial conference on Critical computing: between sense and sensibility (CC '05), Olav W. Bertelsen, Niels Olof Bouvin, Peter G. Krogh, and Morten Kyng (Eds.). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 49-58. Thursday, April 25, 13
  11. CRITICAL DESIGN Critical Design critical role for the current and

    past values Discursive Design critical role for the future & technological imagination Performative Design Design Activism Thursday, April 25, 13
  12. CRITICAL DESIGN Shaowen Bardzell, Jeffrey Bardzell, Jodi Forlizzi, John Zimmerman,

    and John Antanitis. 2012. Critical design and critical theory: the challenge of designing for provocation. In Proceedings of the Designing Interactive Systems Conference (DIS '12). Thursday, April 25, 13
  13. Arnall, T, & Marinussen E.S. (2010) Depth of Field: Discursive

    design research through film DISCURSIVE DESIGN Thursday, April 25, 13
  14. UNDERGROUND LIBRARY Thursday, April 25, 13

  15. Hobye, M., & Löwgren, J. (2011). Touching a stranger: Designing

    for engaging experience in embodied interaction.International Journal of Design, 5(3), 31-48. PERFORMATIVE DESIGN discursive & activism Thursday, April 25, 13
  16. Performative & discursive Markussen, T. (2012) The Disruptive Aesthetics of

    Design Activism: Enacting Design Between Art and Politics, Design DESIGN ACTIVISM Thursday, April 25, 13
  17. The City as Platform “Yes, That’s a nice urban data

    visualization. So what?” - The Mobile City blog DESIGN ACTIVISM Thursday, April 25, 13